1. N

    C63 Facelift in Fire Opel Red

    Late 2012 Facelift C63 in rare Fire Opel red 29,600 miles Merc warranty until October Rear faction you tints Brand new Continental Sport Contact 5p's on front 4.5mm Continental Sport Contact 5's on rear 90 days remaining before service due Full MBSH Will include Eurocharged V5 remap and...
  2. John

    Opel Manta.

    Been mooching around C&C recently and discovered a car almost identical to my first one. I can well imagine it is nothing like as good to drive as it was 22 years ago! In great shape for a nearly-30 year old car though. Opel manta get exclusive For Sale (1987) on Car And Classic UK...
  3. sjmaxwell

    CLK55 in fire opel red

    I'm a proud owner of the above car and love the colour but have never seen another CLK55 in it. Does anyone know how many we're produced in this colour or is there a way to find this info? And I can't spell opal!
  4. grober

    Vauxhall and OPEL not for sale.

    The head man for Vauxhall-Opel in Europe, Nick Reilly, has gone on record to quash ‘mischievous’ rumours that the two companies are to be sold off by US parent General Motors. The deal must have fallen through then. ;) Vauxhall boss denies plans for sale | News | Auto Express
  5. grober

    MAGNA to buy OPEL

    Magna are to buy Opel from General Motors with Russian money?? who will now take Chapter 11 a soon as this weekend. BBC NEWS | Business | Magna is 'very close' to GM deal
  6. N

    Mercedes & Opel - Purely Hypothetical!

    I was wondering about the potential benefits for Mercedes to take over Opel/Vauxhall - purely hypothetical before anyone starts screaming and shouting. What I had in mind, in particular, was the effect that Volkswagen had when it took over Skoda and Seat. As such, what they've done with Skoda...
  7. guydewdney

    FS - 1984 opel Monza

    canada red (bronzy red) 82,000 miles, 3 litre FI auto, 9.5 months MOT, some tax - 5 months. for a mate.. nice car in a funky retro sort of way. 600 quid ono. pm me for contact details
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