1. S

    Help rear passenger RHS door will not open S212 and childlocked

    Hi, Help rear door will not open S212 and childlocked. Handle on outside gone limp! Door child locked and will not open from inside or out.
  2. D

    E350 Estate Auto W212 Suspension fault & Bonnet open issue

    Good evening, Having collected my rather stunning MB E350 Estate Auto the jam has been removed from my donut.... I found it sat on its rear arches in the morning and returns to driving height in a staggering 20 seconds 1st issue! Then I opened the bonnet to check out the power centre and...
  3. B

    CLK W209 Strange Roof Problem

    Hi guys - wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing this issue. After a long drive, or if the car has been sat in the sun and has got really hot, the roof will not open. The windows come partially down and the front section of the roof slightly detaches but the back is...
  4. K

    E220 Boot Won't Open As Car Battery Disconnected

    Hi there, I have a 2004 E220 CDI (W211). Yesterday, I depressurized the SBC braking system by disconnecting the battery (located in the boot/trunk of the car) in order to do some maintenance on the front disc brakes. I closed the boot when it started to rain. Now I am unable to open the boot...
  5. erdnase

    Fuel filler Cap will Not Open

    Not sure how by my fuel filler cap will not open without multiple tries at getting it to open.Seems a bit hit or miss and never had this problem in CLK but my E Class coupe filer cap seems to be a problem. Does anybody know any other way of open this .
  6. B

    remote wont open doors

    Hi I have noticed that the remote will lock the doors on the car and if i open them before the car go to sleep it works fine. If i leave the car for a while the remote does not work and when i open the drivers door the interior lights do not come on, but if i start the car and then they do...
  7. M

    S205 - Boot / tailgate fully open this morning, frozen inside!

    Hi All, Woke up this morning to an icy car on the driveway, with the boot wide open and the contents covered in frost. Thankfully nothing taken and care still present and correct! Anyone else had this experience? I've had the obvious thought of leaning on my keys in my pocket from inside the...
  8. Lenny63

    w219 - motorised cd changer "front plate" won't open

    Hello all As title states , I went to open my cd changer front plate on my CLS last night and it won't open. It's been working absolutely fine until now, though the last time I inserted/rejected more cd's is approx 6 weeks ago To clarify , it's the motorised front that you push the...
  9. C

    How far should remote boot release open boot? W209

    Quick question as I can't find answer anywhere else Got a 03 clk, when I press remove Boot release on key for 2 second the boot unlocks. I was wondering if the boot should open the whole way? Or just unlatch? As when closing the boot I have a weird creaking noise coming so Maybe the struts...
  10. 2

    Open bonnet warning / open door alarm gone

    A few seconds after starting my car the main circular display in my dashboard went red saying the bonnet was open. I got out pressed down on the bonnet and checked it was closed. Got back in, warning was off, proceeded journey. A few seconds later the car starts beeping for a few seconds. No...
  11. T

    How do you open bonnet vertically

    I know that it is possible to open the bonnet of a C207 E-coupé to the second position, ie vertically, as I saw mine in the workshop with it open vertically. I've always been wary of trying it with these 'active' bonnets, or whatever they're called, however, having seen it done whilst being...
  12. D

    CL flat battery, can't open boot How to

    More of a tip than question. Anyway battery was flat on the car today because of interior light being left on. There is no way of jumping the car. No terminal under bonnet. Interweb says under passenger carpet and alloy plate there is a jumper point which there isn't. (S class there is). Didn't...
  13. A

    Wing mirrors won't open when unlocking

    As above my wing mirrors stay in when i unlock the car with the remote. They only one up fully once I open the car doors. Can i change this? thanks andy
  14. P

    P1636 Electric suction fan open circuit?

    Hi Folks, Sometime ago I had an accident whereby the car slipped of a trolley jack while jacking up from the front center jacking pad. The jack slipped between the front of the engine smashing the fan housing into a number of pieces and pushing the coolant fan up out of the engine bay...
  15. V

    2008 CLs boot wont open...

    Odd one this, boot won’t open even with the key, centre brake light has become intermittent and has now failed and the number plate lights have a failure message but I have changed the bulbs for new ones. :dk:Smacks of some kind of electronic fault but what I really need is to get into the...
  16. steve333

    Arm rest/storage box won't open

    The arm rest/storage box on my wife's 2009 slk won't open,tried everything I can think of but it won't budge-can anyone help please?
  17. J

    How to open a OVP socket 89 w124 230e?

    Mercedes list the OVP Socket minus pins and also list the pins minus the socket so you must be able to split it open How do you get inside the plug? My OVP Issues are back again and playing with the wires eventually tends to solve it I am guessing dry solder joint on socket or female...
  18. E

    Great News: 14 Stores in the UK now open till 8pm

    Great news! UK Customer service hotline available till 8pm You can call chat and email our representatives. Find your local store Now!
  19. Brian 1

    Paul open for business

    Posted my Omega f300 off yesterday for a service + casing revamp, not been on for a while due to a bad dose of flu, plus our new apartment is nearly ready,should be moving soon so lots to do......
  20. uumode

    Pressure washing - doors open or closed?

    Was pressure washing my car today with doors closed technique But maybe I should have tried with doors open technique!
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