1. Schuey

    Electric Garage door opener

    Hi, As per the title, do you have any recommendations for an electric garage door opener for a double garage up and over single door? Thanks in advance.
  2. R

    W221 Mirror / Garage Door Opener

    Hopefully someone will help and thank you for reading this. I have bought a mirror from e bay germany for a W221 S Class, with the garage door opening buttons. I would like to fit it to a 2011 W221 I have removed the mirror console revealed a couple of Torq screws that appear to be holding the...
  3. DSLiverpool

    Garage door opener retrofit

    Firstly I'm assuming the mirror based home link opener is a self contained unit ie give it power and it has everything else within the mirror. If so - why can't one be retrofitted ie get a MB mirror, find one voltage and your away. Everyone asked says no but can't elaborate, is it a pita...
  4. Haris

    New garage door opener technology

    BMW F800S Garage Door Opener - YouTube :)
  5. M

    Garage Door Opener Programming

    I have the integrated garage door opener in my W212 which I hope will save me messing about with the remote for my sliding gate. However, I am struggling to programme it. Has anyone managed to do it and am I missing something. I am holding the button I want and then holding the button...
  6. proser

    Power tailgate opener

    Can these be retro fitted to earlier cars, or is there a kit available ??
  7. P

    W219 cls boot/trunk opener fuse?

    Hi, boot opener in the door doesn´t work, works great from key or opening manually. I opened the switch,found four wires (red,black,black/white,brown), but no voltage in any situation between these wires (shouldn´t there be something somewhere all the time?),and led doesn´t work on the switch...
  8. jonathan

    electric gate / garage door opener

    i have read someware that you can have three buttons on your interior mirror that will control your gates and garage doors i have looked on the interior mirror and you can see three knock outs on the bottom left hand side where they would go but i dont know if theres a module that can be fitted...
  9. television

    Garage door opener

    Does anyone know how to program the mirror garage door opener to a rolling code garage door please
  10. jahewitt

    Garage Door Opener

    I have the garage door opener option in the rear viw mirror of my CLK 208. It won't work UK doors - as it is in Italy mode - Homelink sent me insturctions to make it UK mode. I rang them for help - but they suggested "zat I condact ze dealer and zay vill do it vor me" (german man on...
  11. jahewitt

    Garage door opener - help please

    My CLK 430 (2000-X) has the garage door opener switches on the mirror. I have tried to re-programme these but to no success ? Any ideas ? I know it was bought new in holand - shipped to the UK and registered here. The previous owner had programmed the openers, but I can't get them to...
  12. S

    WANTED: RVM with garage door opener

    I'm not sure what colour i need, i think it is the lighter one (orion grey), does anybody have one? Doesn't need to be auto dippinjg, although bonus if it is. pm, me if you have Thx Sasha
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