1. BTB 500

    W447 V Class tailgate, opening glass

    Parked alongside a W447 V220 today and saw that the glass on the tailgate opened independently, which is a nice feature. Is this standard? Anybody know if it's available on the W447 Vito as well?
  2. Hectors Dad

    S212 Rear Door Auto Opening / Closing

    Hi All, My E220 estate has the ability to open the rear door using either the latch on the door, a switch on the drivers door panel or the key. It doesn't however close on either the switch or the key and only via the button inset into the bottom of the door itself. So I took it into my...
  3. D

    Convenience Window Opening Doesn't Work

    The Convenience Window Opening on my CLC does not work. I believe you have to unlock the car with the key and then select the same button on the key to lower the windows. Is this something that is standard or needs enabling? If its standard why won't they open!!?? Thanks.
  4. D

    B class boot not opening

    Back with a Merc after 2 year absence Apologies if this is a regular question, just bought a 2005 B class and the boot which was opening no longer does, is there a manual release mechanism and is there a known fault and cure? thanks David ex R129 owner
  5. D

    Boot Opening

    Morning all, just a quick one has anyone have any idea why my boot is not fully extending when pressing the boot release button, it used to work all the time now it only works now and again. The boot clicks open when I press the release button but no longer extends fully open so is their...
  6. J

    ial Opening

    Two official openings of revamped junctions: (1) A45 / A46 interchange at Tollbar roundabout which is known locally as 'Kamikaze roundabout' - officially opened today although the underpass has been in use since the new year. (2) A14 / M6 Junction 19 has also been officially opened. This...
  7. Fidge

    C204 Boot not opening when popped

    Hi, my boot doesn't always open fully when I pop-it. There's no pattern to it, sometimes it will open all the way up, other times it will just release and sit there. This is when the car is sat level. Anyone else had this, know how to fix it. It's just a gimmick, but I like gimmicks. :dk:
  8. W

    Cls 55 boot opening

    Hi, I'm new to this so please bare with me, I have a Mercedes cls55, the boot opens via the key fine, it closes by the botton on the boot lid and closes by the botton on the drivers door card but it will not open by the botton in the door card, any ideas???
  9. Alps

    w211 keyless go opening only drivers side

    bth passenger side doors not locking or unlocking using keyless buttons. everything else works fine, will post up results of STAR this afternoon. my bet is on left side antenna module..
  10. D

    C230 W202 1997 Window opening switch faulty

    Hi, on my center console the switch to open the driver window only works intermittently. is this a common fault anyone any ides to fix? any help appreciated. Derek
  11. Benzadrine

    Boot opening

    Hi- my boot,on a W208 CLK 2.3K opens very slowly with both the interior and fob buttons.Is it supposed to just open or open fully?Thanks...
  12. C

    Summer opening feature

    Can anyone shed some light on the summer opening feature and remote window closing feature on the w209 clk. it's an 03, and has the black square on the drivers door but nothing happens when I hold the lock/unlock. Does anyone know what the problem may be? The car came with 2 keys one of the keys...
  13. A

    W212 cabriolet summer opening

    Help. I am trying to get summer opening do not open when key fob pressed down, however ventilated seats turn on. Roof opens and closes remotely. Roof doesn't go down if boot/trunk shelf is put up. ...I am taking this to mean that the IR is ok... 1) I have changed the...
  14. t-dawg1

    W211 3rd brake light failure,license plate lights not working and boot not opening

    So this evening got the 3rd brake light failure message accompanied by licence plate lights not working and could not open the boot via remote nor button on the front door. Checked all fuses and all looked ok and iCarsoft picked up no fault! After some research online discovered it could be...
  15. J

    C-Class 250 hands free boot opening or not?

    Hi all. New to forum. First post. Have a C-Class 250 diesel saloon now just 18 months old. I have owned it for 12 months. Had engine warning light on twice in last few months. Repaired under warranty twice with NOX sensors replaced and on the first occasion a software upgrade. The last repair...
  16. D

    W168 A170 Electric Power Windows opening by themselves

    I have a W168 A170 with Electric Windows that have started opening by themselves. Three of the four are now doing this every time I start the car with the exception of the drivers window. There are no OBD codes showing on the car. I have a two minute battle with the windows to get them...
  17. W


    I have 2011 , when opening , there is a 3 second delay, before you can open the door. I had a 2010 (same car) that was fine. The car always opens , but the delay is most frustrating. Has anyone heard of a fix?.
  18. C

    E350 Boot Randomly Opening

    I've had my E350 Sport Estate (W212) since the start of year. Three times now I've woken up in the morning to find my boot open. My keys are hung on a peg every night and can't understand how the button could have been pressed by accident, it is quite a purposeful action with the press and hold...
  19. Jay2512

    Reverse Camera opening

    Another problem since returning from the dealer........ When driving along I can hear the reverse camera opening and closing at random times? The screen in the car stays on the navi while driving. It never used to do this but since the dealer has been messing with software it's all gone a bit...
  20. 219

    Borders Railway Opening soon .

    The new Borders Railway is due to open on the 5th September and then officially by HM The Queen on the 9th . From the 10th , and for six weeks there are going to be special steam hauled trains ( by 60009 Union of South Africa ) over the 30 mile track - ticket details below . SPECIAL STEAM...
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