1. dokalj

    Mercedes Audio 10 CD Player (Inc. Operating Manual & Radio Code)

    Genuine Mercedes Audio 10 CD Player + Operating Manual + Radio Key Code This was previously removed from my ML163 when I upgraded to Comand 2.0 and will fit other models in the Mercedes-Benz range. Part Number: A170 820 03 86 Radio Code: 10594 Brand: Alpine Model: MF2910 I...
  2. A

    KIck-down stopped operating?

    Dear All, The kick down on my C220 CDI Coupe has stopped working. It appears to be okay when driving away from cold and then stops operating after a short time. The vehicle appears to want to sit in top gear and when the accelerator is pressed slowly get faster instead of changing down...
  3. A

    Roof operating switch

    Can anyone help me find a roof operating switch for a CLK 2009
  4. stwat

    Windows 10 the operating system that is a virus loaded on you without permission

    [YOUTUBE HD]hKjv7yK_CGw&ab_channel=Crrow777[/YOUTUBE HD] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKjv7yK_CGw&ab_channel=Crrow777
  5. T

    Help! R129 Soft top not operating

    Hi All, I decided as yesterday was a nice sunny day, I'd take the hard top off and use the soft top. A few months back I pulled the car out of storage and needed to jump start the car. The soft top operated fine before storing, it was stored with the hard top on. I can't seem to get the...
  6. M

    Normal Operating Temperature?

    Hi all, I have a 2000/X E220CDI (W210) - the temperature gauge measures between 40 and 120 degrees (if I remember rightly!) - I was just wondering what 'normal' operating temperature should be, as the car seems to run cool? If I'm driving along at motorway speeds on a cold day with the heating...
  7. A1EK

    Supercharger not quite operating correctly,?

    Hi Guys I have a W208 CLK 230 Kompressor. 2 days ago I floored it through a tunnel (as you do!) and the car accelerated lovely as normal, however when I slowed down the car was lumpy and missfiring. I managed to source the problem and found one of my igniation coils had gone, so I replaced and...
  8. U

    Command Operating System

    Does someone know what operating system is the Command based on? I have a software engineer that works for me that would be interested in hacking my command unit (2003 sl 350)?
  9. pupsi

    Engine cutting off at operating temperature?

    Been a while since I've been on here, been working abroad and now need to get this sorted out and get back on the road! Car starts up fine and idles fine, but as soon as it hits operating temperature, the car cuts out and won't start up again, just keeps turning over. Wiring harness was...
  10. M

    C220CDI Operating Temperature

    I've a 2003 C220Cdi which has only done 60000 miles and has been a great car. It runs really well but the other evening i noticed the engine seemed to take time to warm up and wondered if this was usual or not. It was about freezing and i had the heating on in the car. It took about 20 minutes...
  11. J

    operating temperature s class c320 cdi

    Hi all, i think my thermostat may have gone "belly up" grateful if anyone could tell me the correct operating temperature for a 2003 s class 320 cdi 6 in line diesel w220 xx tks
  12. S

    misfiring,,,but only when full operating temp

    Dear All thanks to all of you so far for helping me with my project. I just replaced the timing cover oil gasket (as well as the oil seal for the distributor rotor), cleaned up the points in the dist cap and put everything back, hoping that the problem would have been resolved. so what...
  13. R

    R129 roof making odd whistle / whir when operating...

    Noticed over the weekend that a new noise has appeared whilst the roof is in transit... either up or down... no change in movement / speed / operation in any way... so is this something that needs lubrication or am i about to discover the pain of failure?
  14. E

    Business Contract Hire or Operating Lease

    Hi All, I'm about to order a c63 coupe, was going to order it on a Business 3yr Contract hire, I see there is something called a Operating lease. Can anyone tell me the difference please ? I'm looking at claiming 50% of VAT too
  15. V

    Help with 300E W124 A/C compressor not operating

    Refilled the air-con gas. Jumped the A/C compressor to battery +ve and the clutch works. Jumped the pressure switch for the refrigerant compressor-still doesn't engage the clutch. Tested the compressor cutoff relay and the wiring - all is good. Replaced the control unit,automatic temperature...
  16. D

    Linguatronic Operating Manual

    Can anyone point me in the direction were I may be able to locate a instruction manual for the linguatronic for the Command APS Pop Up Sat Nav. Cheers in advance
  17. F

    Brake operating unit

    Can anyone advise where I can get this part. At a reasonable cost & roughly how much. This is for my w211 with SBC
  18. J

    Engine Operating Temperature

    What is the "normal" operating temperature for the 270 cdi engine? I've noticed that even after 45 mins of driving mine's only showing about 60 degrees. Surely that is too low? Thanks
  19. I

    Manually Operating R129 Hood

    I need to 'synchronise' my hood but don't have the manual...I'm using [R129 SL] Electric Window which is helpful but could someone give me more specific directions to unlock and raise the tonneau cover? A mechanic pal suggested I just unhook the battery for 5 mins but I'm nervous that will...
  20. M

    IR key operating distance??

    Hello guys!! I just got my self merc C-class w203 220CDI (2000), it's my first merc and I'm so glad of my choice :bannana: but I have to point the key very close to handle (20cm) to open the doors. I check voltage of batteries they are both 3V all sound correct. Is this normal ?
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