1. R

    Can I ask your opinion on this E Class?

    Mercedes-Benz E Class 3.0 E350 CDI Sport 4dr Really liking it and seriously considering taking a punt on it..
  2. M

    your opinion about W204 2013

    Hi iam planing to buy C class (w204) 2012 0r 2013 at the moment i have W203 2005 cdi lovely car but want to upgrade but in w204 i cant see avantgarde, elegance, or classic its something like SE executive kindly educate me about this? Many thanks
  3. clk320x

    Tinted CLK/General opinion

    Hi guys Trying to decide the shade of tint for my CLK Has anyone tinted one and if so post some pictures? Or if you don't have a CLK anyone who's had any other merc please also feel free to share photos of your tint and opinions on what you think would look nice etc Cheers
  4. T

    Your opinion and guidance please. I'm a Newbie.

    Ive always wanted an E estate with the warp around walnut interior of the 2003-08 cars and maybe now is the right time for me. I do about 15k miles a years seeing clients and will spend 1 to 4 hours each way so I'm looking for comfort, a quiet riding, reliability and economy, and a few nice...
  5. C

    Alloy and Calipers colour opinion

    Hi everyone looking to get my alloys refurbished and I have been told I can have the alloys & calipers painted any colour free of charge. I have always thought silver alloys suit my silver CLK however I am now considering red calipers with black alloys? Or maybe silver/red calipers with silver...
  6. HB

    Tyre load rating - Dealer opinion

    I have just bought a W212 E350 CDI saloon for my wife from the main dealer in Edinburgh. Now, normally I check everything like a hawk but this time I didn't. All the tyres on the car said Continental and have plenty of tread depth but, on closer inspection when we got the car home, one of them...
  7. Makdissy

    W124 cabriolet ( your opinion ??!!! )

    Mercedes Benz cabriolet E220 | eBay How much will this cost to restore ??!!! Any ideas ??!!!:dk:
  8. nickjonesn4

    New wheels opinion please...

    Very much liking there for my E55... Genuine Mercedes Brabus 18" Split Rims wider rears AMG C E S CLK SLK CLASS | eBay
  9. J

    Cl63 opinion

    As a new member I would like to say Hi to everyone. I'm not a merc driver just yet but I'm a huge AMG fun. Currently driving audi s5 v8 one. As you all know is not even close to AMG group cars, but sounds immensely exciting. Saying that, nothing can compare to AMG screaming barking sound...
  10. G

    Opinion on PCP deal?

    Hello All, I am interested to hear your thoughts on the below PCP deal I have been offered by my local MB dealership. C250 CDI AMG Sport Auto with Premium Pack List: £35795 Monthly payment: £399 (48 months/10000 annual miles) Deposit: £500 I have worked this out to be a...
  11. Z

    Need you opinion please.

    Hello guys, Currently I have a mercedes benz c220 automatic transmission W203 2006 with about 75000 km which never gave me problems. However the possibility to acquire a c250 w204 manual gearbox, 2010 with about 20,000 Km (know the owner and the car from the beginning) came to me. Should...
  12. johns E350

    Opinion please

    The paint is lifting in 2 places on the drivers side door handle. Hope you can see it from my pics. I purchased the car from Mercedes Benz with tier1 warranty. I have had the car approx 6 weeks. My question is should they put it right, I know if it is mechanical etc but is splitting paint down...
  13. C

    Cyclist touching my car... what's your opinion?

    OK folks, what's your opinions on this? Last night I was stopped at a red light when a cyclist pulled up alongside and proceeded to steady himself on his bike by putting his hand on the roof of my car. I wasn't overly happy with this as a) I don't want grubby paw prints all over my car and...
  14. developer

    The Sunday Night Opinion Section - Early Retirement

    A pal of mine (yes, really, none of this Martin rubbish) is in his mid 50's. He could sell his assets (property) and come away with net c£1.5m, whilst being entirely debt free (including mortgage). He has enough interests to keep himself busy, so he feels boredom won't be a problem. His...
  15. T

    Wheel opinion please.

    Guys, Am in the market for 20" forged wheels for my lowered 2003 w211 estate. I have found these, from the States. Staggered 8.5 f & 10 r. I am not really into bling, & prefer my wheels in a black finish. I know at the end of the day, the choice is mine, but all opinions...
  16. philiggy

    Opinion on E320cdi

    Hi all In my quest to find a car quickly I have spotted what looks like a perfect stop gap car, rather than rush into anything more costly. Its an E320 cdi 51 plate 96 k in gold/leather no rust FSH indy though, everything works immac £2500 Has been 1 owner but chap selling it has only had...
  17. kalvin928

    opinion on w211 e55 roof spoiler

    hi All just wanted to get some opinions on rood spoiler. car has carbon fibre wrap to roof, bodywork is silver with lip spoiler on the boot. cant decide on getting either gloss black, silver as per car or carbon fibre to match roof? any views?
  18. philiggy

    Is this a good deal 09 C220 buying opinion

    Hi all Just about to buy an 09 plate c220se cdi 1 company owned 100k in red black leather immac. for £8750. Any advice or comments would be appreciated, or indeed if anyone knows of a better car Mercedes-Benz C Class C220 CDI SE 4DR AUTO 2.2 2009 Phil
  19. Bakili

    W211 Injectors Opinion

    Hey guys I been reading a lot about so called "Black Death" effecting CDI engines/injectors and got bit worried. I do regularly (once a month) check injectors by removing engine cover and looking for signs of dampness around injectors. My car is 2003 e320cdi, all seems to be looking good, the...
  20. T

    Any opinion on this - Know anyone that has one?

    Guys, Have been hunting Hi, & low for an original w211 AMG front bumper. I though I had won the lottery when I found, & purchased a perfect, original, specimen, only to discover later that the washer jet holes were missing!!!!:doh: Am fed up of waiting, so thinking about this: Mercedes...
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