1. G

    Looking for some opinions on ML300

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a '12 ML300 from a small dealer in Bath. I found a couple of issues in the first month having it. Would be very grateful if you could share some thoughts. One issue is the rear parking sensor. Long story short. Within a month, I noticed the rear sensor didn't...
  2. FateSynchro

    My New Wrap - Opinions?

    Just had Elysa (yes ive named her i know im that sad) wrapped in a new colour... Basically long story short, the wrap got damaged by an inconsiderate parker who ripped two big holes in the wrap. So my friend who does the wrapping replaced the door with new wrap the same titanium grey...
  3. rockits

    CLS55 vs SL55 Advice or Opinions?

    Well it looks like my search for an R129 SL60 AMG is nearing its end as not been able to find anything other than silly price stuff. I'm not going to pay 30-50k for one as although rare are not worth that to me. They are a modded SL500 at the end of the day and not thatuch better. Certainly...
  4. Wacko74

    ML300 opinions please

    Hi all I've had the ML for a few months now and loving every mile in it Today I had a weird thing happen I had stopped at the garage to check the tyre pressure When I come to start it all the lights were on the dash but it would turn over I took the key out and tried again and it...
  5. CLSMark

    Opinions please

    Car has recently been serviced, one of the advisories was the engine mount(s) needed doing. Last night as I left work, I gave it the beans from a standstill, and heard an almighty clunk. Now the car is vibrating like a London Taxi. Literally shaking itself to bits. If I rev it gently, it...
  6. R

    W220 d2b bus ice upgrade opinions

    I have been unable to find a noob section and can't see any way of searching posts. If I'm doubling up or posting when/where I shouldn't, then apologies. I have a 2002 w220 s class with command 2.5. My boot changer is dodgy, so am looking to update head unit. What do people think is best...
  7. clk320x

    Opinions on aftermarket exhaust modifications

    With months of trying and failing to aquire a CLK55 backbox or quad pipes from a CLK63 I am faced with having to go down the aftermarket route to get my CLK V6 from its measly single pipe exhaust to at least a double or most preferably quad pipes... I see a company called Fast Lane styling...
  8. T

    W204 opinions on grilled please ( pics added )

    Hi lads, Can you please advise me which grill you think looks better. I have a preferred pick but just wanna see what others think also.
  9. ringway

    CLK 280 AMG Sport. Opinions required, please.

    Not for me, but for a family member. Your opinions on this car would be very much appreciated. LINK. mercedes benz clk 280 amg sport | eBay TIA. Paul.
  10. M

    2010 CLS 350 CDI Grand Edition... Opinions and what to watch out for?

    Hi All, I am after selling my 2007 Cls CDI and it served me very well, touch wood. I'm now looking at a 2010 Cls CDI 350 Grand Edition. Is there anything I should look out for? I've found one for sale in the UK and about to pay the deposit on it and then collect it on Wednesday all...
  11. 4

    Engine oil leak opinions?

    Hi all, I've just bought into the Mercedes community with a fifteen year old W203 C180. It has around 130,000 miles on the clock and has been owned by myself for around a week. I bought this car to try and expand my mechanical experience beyond my current competency of simple things like...
  12. S

    Your opinions

    Hi guys I sold my c63 coupe back in may and have since been using a run around whilst I decide on what I want next. My budget is 35k so my question is what could I get, I want something relatively new 2012/13 onwards not fussed on number of doors, of course something quick, basically a...
  13. mat8n

    Number plate opinions?

    OK, so my user name MAT 8N is my reg number on my SL... As some of you know my name is Matt Ayton. Anyway, got myself an S class to replace my volvo and i've got a cheap irish dateless plate on it.... Now this has come up for sale M4T BN/M4 TBN. Do I buy it and 'enhance' it to have a nice...
  14. markjay

    The People’s Trust - opinions please

    https://www.thepeoplestrust.co.uk/ What do you think? (I heard about this through one of our clients).
  15. S

    C43 AMG Coupe opinions

    Hi all, Potential newbie here and thought I'd ask a few questions about my potential new wheels. I've never been the biggest Mercedes fan but I'm really impressed with the C43 Coupe. Took one for a test drive on Saturday and really enjoyed it, put a smile on my face after 4 years of E92 M3...
  16. S

    Opinions on this video?

    Hello, recent newbie to Mercedes, a friend with a strange sense of humour sent me this vid, any opinions welcome, thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPJ64sTa7KI
  17. Ted

    Opinions please.

    The incident in the link below happened to yesterday. I know these sort of things happen all the time, but it happened 'out of the blue' (yes, I know it shouldn't have) and had me thinking for some time afterwards. I certainly was slower and more careful for the rest of the day, especially...
  18. alistairgd

    About to Purchase new coupe, would welcome opinions... photos inside

    On Tuesday I will probably be ordering my next MB - the new coupe, I am struggling to decide on a couple of points though and would welcome any opinions. 1. Engine I'll be 50 this year and in all my years driving I've only ever owned petrol cars. Today I drove both petrol and diesel engines in...
  19. spinaltap

    Banbury: Opinions?

    After completing her post-graduate studies, my daughter is now permanently resident with a good job in Oxford (Associate Marketing Manager for Routledge). Ideally, I would move there too but for Oxford's high property prices compared to where I presently live (and for the type of home I'm...
  20. F

    Wheels Wanted and Opinions..

    Hi there I have just bought a W212 E350 CDI, and the car currently has the standard 18" AMG Wheel that was fitted to the 'Sport' variant. I would like to fit the 19" Mercedes Double 7 Spoke Wheel to the car, and just wondered if anyone has any of these for sale, or knows where I may be...
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