1. merc85

    Mercland opinons?

    As above a good friend of mine is looking for a Mercedes, there is one at Mercland that he likes the look of. Has anyone dealt with them any opinons most welcome:thumb:
  2. PaulW204

    Opinons needed W204 220 CDI noisy?

    Evening all, I've just acquired my first Mercedes having come from BMW and Audi. It's a 2011 facelift W204 220cdi sport estate 7G auto. It's covered 70k and has a full merc history. One question... Are the 220CDI engines supposed to have a metallic rattle noise, like the sound of worn...
  3. J

    Prestige Autos SE London - Opinons?

    Hi My S210 still has problems with the front windows and mirror adjustment.. Am considering using Prestige Autos in SE London, does anyone have and opinions on them? Advice much appreciated Cheers JK
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Opinons on a Very high spec W210 with monster mileage?

    A mate of mine (No its not me :) ) has asked me about this 2001 W210 E430 Avantgard. Its currently for sale for £5995 due to its monster mileage and looks from the pictures like its mint. (One owner) Its Avantgarde with every possible extra, AMG alloys (Reps) He hasnt contacted the...
  5. dchaddah

    About to Order New CLK Opinons Please

    Im going to order a New CLK Convertible this week :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: and I've decided to get the following Auto, Met Paint, Heated Memory Leather Seats, command & Wind Deflector. Do you guys think I need to add anything else? Also how do I cope till August prob not going to...
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