1. T3RVO

    S 203 which Audio head(s) have Bose optical output?

    No doubt some of you guys have come across this issue many times before. Originally my 2002 C32 AMG Estate had COMAND and Bose. The COMAND head had long since been thrown away before I bought the car which came with a very poor quality combined navigation/audio head unit. It was one of those...
  2. Godot

    Optical illusion dance

    [YOUTUBE HD]44mw37d8LQw[/YOUTUBE HD]:bannana:
  3. LocheeLad

    CD Changer cable part number help please...

    Hi folks, hopefully someone can help me with this... I recently bought a CD changer MC3198 and want to install it in the boot and hook it up to my Audio 10 head unit, problem I have is with cables, I don't know what part numbers I need and the local stealship is not being very helpful:dk...
  4. J

    ABS & ASR sensor, optical or not

    Hi all, Does anyone knows how the ABS & ASR sensor works? Is it an optical or magnetical sensor? I suspect that's optical. And, in that case, is it logical to think that, after a while, it might need to be cleaned? Thanks, Jurmic
  5. corned

    Who thought my optical illusion thread was OTT?

    Just canvassing opinion, you understand...! Clearly the over-moderators saw fit to pull it, fair enough, but let's see how many people actually thought it inappropriate or offensive. Simple! Edit: The poll is private - no handles will be displayed.
  6. M

    2001 S280 MC3198 CD CHANGER or similar with optical output - faulty considered

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a CD Changer with optical output for a 2001 S280 with Comand module fitted up front. The current unit is a MC3198 but the interface module (plug part) has badly corroded and can't be rescued. I believe other units with optical output are directly compatible...
  7. st13phil

    Optical Illusions

    Those in the London area may have seen this play on the TV (it's almost 2 years old) but it's worth just over 40 seconds of every driver's time in my opinion: <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/4xW-VAvQvSk&hl=en_GB&fs=1&"></param><param...
  8. Gollom

    £150 off Laser Treatment at Optical express!!!

    As previously posted, Suzy Cute had this done about 2 months ago and has not looked back since! <weak pun :p> She loves to death the freedom it gives and would thoroughly recommend it! Especially liked being able to jump in the pool without worries when we were on holiday :rock: She has just...
  9. verytalldave

    Optical illusion

    If your brain works normally this is neat. This is another example of an amazing illusion!!! If your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot, the dots will remain...
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Cool optical illusion

    Dont worry, nothing screams out at you. Keep staring at the dot, Once it goes Black & White the colour stays as long as you dont look away :rock:
  11. Gollom

    Laser eye surgery at Optical Express

    Suzy Cute had this done on Thursday and wishes she had had it done years ago! No fuss, very short recovery time - went to a concert last night and the fact that her sight is now 20/20 increased her enjoyment a lot! It cost her £790 all in. If anybody is still a touch nervy feel free to drop a...
  12. R

    Testing of Optical circuit?

    Hi All Does any one know if it is possible to do the above. As i still have know joy from my CDC. Rob
  13. mercmanuk

    optical and ionisation smoke alarms

  14. R

    Where is the optical lead junction box?

    Someone please tell me it's driving me mad Apicture would be even better. :mad: Thanks Rob
  15. verytalldave

    Strange optical illusion

    In the first image below, there are 2 squares labeled A and B. Although they dont appear to be the same colour or shade, they, in fact are. The second image below shows this to be true by crossing both the A and B squares with block lines of the same shade. Still dont believe it do you...
  16. MikeL

    Optical Media Warning

    Just thought I would post from my own experience: DON'T stick adhesive labels (even ones designed for the job) onto CDs DVDs. I have just had another two discs that aren't readable by the PC - there is no visible degredation to either disc. :mad: If you have such discs re-copy them...
  17. W

    Optical Connections on 2006 CLK--US

    I've got the following optical fibre connections and I'd like to know what they're used for, if anyone knows. They're labled as follows: SDS IN; SDS OUT; TEL In; SOUND/Out. I"ve been trying to activate a VCM module, and don't know what the wiring of the cables should be. Does anyone have a...
  18. Alfie

    Is my car pre-wired with the optical Cd cable?

    Does anyone know whether or not my CLK would be pre-wired for the optical cable to connect to a CD changer in the boot? If not, does anyone know what the correct part number is to order and what the routing path is through the car to the boot? Thanks
  19. Satch

    Optical Camouflage

    http://projects.star.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/projects/MEDIA/xv/oc.html Astonishing! Check out the video files Know what I would like my next paint job to be.
  20. B

    Mercedes Optical CD Changer - what do you think?

    Hi guys Just bought a Mercedes optical cd changer Model MC 3198 with mounting plate ( I think its all A 203 820 90 89 64??) For £170? What do you think?
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