1. WDB124066

    Wheel treatment options.

    What's the best treatment to help keep these wheels looking good in service, is there any product better than most at this...?
  2. A

    Boot Lock Options

    Hello all, I've got my lovely w202 sport cdi, the boot lock wont lock either on the central locking or with the key (no turn) I followed the instructions on taking it all apart and re greasing (i let it soak for 2 days) and unfortunately this hasn't solved the problem. Part of me is...
  3. R

    2007 W211 Stereo and Bluetooth options confusion!

    I have recently aquired a 2007 E class. It has what I think is an NTG1 stereo; single CD slot with integrated 6 Disc changer underneath and a matrix display. In the armrest flap bits, it has what I presume is a Nokia phone kit (it has a pair of curly leads each side in the arm rest part). Now my...
  4. B

    Options to add DAB to 2016 Vito?

    Anyone know what the best option is to add DAB to standard stereo? Is there an oem product you can add or do I have to add something 3rd party like the Pure Highway 400 In-car DAB with FM Digital Audio Adapter with Bluetooth Seen loads of android units online but soo many variations I don't...
  5. benlucas

    E55 W211 front fog light bulb options

    Hi all Per the title, mine are looking a bit yellow and I was wondering what options I have to make them whiter (and match the xenons.) I have just replaced the sidelights with canbus leds which are now slightly brighter than the xenons, but close enough that I'm happy with them. Been...
  6. D

    Ferrari options

    Sorry if this has been posted before. Mindblowing figures. :eek: https://youtu.be/IUTrmIXQCcc
  7. S

    Wheel options for w114

    Need some advice please on wheel options. I would like to replace the 14 x 5.5 inch wheels on my 1973 W114 coupe. Current tyre size is standard 175/80R14. Can anyone suggest what my options are without adjusting offset, etc?
  8. C

    What are my wheel size options for my E63 estate?

    As above I pick up my 2014 E63 estate in a couple of days and already thinking of changing the wheels to something with a concave/Vossen look and perhaps up to 20". From the outset I was never a fan of the factory wheels so was already in my mind about replacing them (as well as changing the...
  9. FateSynchro

    E63 Tyre Options

    Please can someone reccommend me some good track/summer tyres that are also still reasonable in the wet. I know the obvious choice is the MPSS's but thats rocking in at just under £1000 for four. And im hoping to keep things around the £750 mark if possible.. i dont mind stretching if people...
  10. D

    C220 2014 media playback options

    First time poster, so please be gentle :p So have a C220 cdi (w204?) executive ce diesel estate and am exploring music playback options. What I have found so far, I can connect via bluetooth and play media, I can play CD's and I can play mp3 files from the usb connector in the armrest via a...
  11. R

    C350 Brake Pad options

    I'm need to replace my standard brake pads - are there any recommended non Merc brands? I notice Ferodo and Mintex are readily available. Sonething that produces less dust would be nice!
  12. A

    W211 2003 model - Audio 20 options

    Dear Forum members, Does anybody has experience of using the below mentioned product. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XXZB2RP/?tag=amazon0e9db-21 Thanks Azeem
  13. B

    B200 W245 best audio options

    Hi. New here, just bought a 2005 B200 SE CDI Auto. It has the standard radio/cd, with a 4 disc changer in the glovebox, but no aux point in the glovebox. So what's the easiest way, as well as the cheapest way, to alter the system to allow me to play either an mp3 player, or plug in a usb stick...
  14. Mr-Goose

    E Class Coupe 2012 (c207) audio options

    I picked up a 2012 e class coupe the other day. I absolutely love the car. The audio system sounds good but I wish it had DAB. I think it has ntg 4.5. It has an SD card reader in the dash and USB in the centre console alongside an MMI socket. I would like to add a DAB receiver and interface...
  15. m2287

    Finance options

    Finance isn't something I've ever done, I've never spent more than £10k on a car and always just paid cash/bank transfer! I'm looking at a 10year old second hand car at around £25k, what are my finance options? I'd have around 12k deposit so do I get a bank loan of £13k for the rest and...
  16. D

    Bird Box camera options

    Made a bird box over the weekend with our daughter. We had a chat about how good it would be to look at its new tenants when they arrive. After some advice on camera options. I know nothing about this area. Is there a cordless option or are they all hard wired? I assume the images can be...
  17. P

    Advice best options to fix scratches and scuffs

    Hi , This is my back driver side bumper after reversing slightly to a corner. Screenshot by Lightshot The car is brand new and those are the only marks really annoyed :wallbash:, took it to the local MB dealer and they want £240 to repair, and it would be ready the same day they would not...
  18. gaz_l

    Non-available options

    Greetings, Citizens. Not aimed at Mercedes in particular, but what do you wish you could have bought your car with, but the manufacturer doesn't offer? I've had the Ypsilon coming up on a year, and overall have been pleased with my choice. It's comfortable, well equipped, frugal and fairly...
  19. O

    Exhaust options on a c63 amg

    Hi there just brought a c63 and looking to increase the sound of it. But not looking to ruin it. Any options to look at thanks?
  20. J

    How do I found out what specific options are on my car?

    Having just picked up my 2012 C63 AMG wagon, how do I find out just which options are fitted to the car? The dealer (not franchise) didn't know. I can work out some from Comand settings menu and so on but would like to know what was fitted to the car when originally specced. Any way I can...
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