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  1. C

    Continenal 275/35/18 x2 Tyres

    So these will be too wide to run on the rear of my car with the new wheels and needing a little stretch, they are currently on my mercedes 18s they both have Very good treat on them, I would say circa 5-6mm on them no puncture repairs as far as I know (they will be removed from the wheels...
  2. K

    mercedes 285/35/18 tyres

    HI i have for sale a set of tyres 285/35/18 101Y continental sport contact 3 M01 theres a set of 4 brand new unused 400 pounds sorry cant post but they can be collected from county durham hope there a good buy for someone thanks
  3. Charles Morgan

    Bridgestone Potenza 265/35/18 97 Y pair

    Taken from my Alpina, both with date stamps 29th week of 2014. 7mm all round the tyres with a slight reduction on the edge to 6.5mm. MO designation (should never have been fitted to my Alpina at all!). Basically as new. About £110 new per tyre, £100 the pair to those who collect. Also a...
  4. rucas

    c240 tuck 285/35/18?

    Wondering if anyone has slapped 285/35/18 rear 255/45/18 front amg wheels on a c240?
  5. MDC250


    Just found a nail in my O/S/R tyre and don't think it's repairable. Anybody got a couple of tyres in above size they are looking to shift? Ideally after Conti 5s, MO and 94/Y rated but not that fussed as beggars can't be choosers. Cheers
  6. Nic55

    265/40/18 x2

    Got a set of Conti sport 3 (pair) with 7mm tread. No side wall damage only 1 had a puncture repair done to a high standard. £150 delivered. Pics will follow
  7. R

    X2 255/40/18 Pirelli Asimmetrico tyres 6mm

    X2 255/40/18 Pirelli Pzero Asimmetrico tyres 6mm Very good condition, tyres have no damage, no punture repairs and no cracks. Pics to follow if required £100 for the pair
  8. M

    2x Pirelli P Zero Nero Tyres (255/35/18) ALL SEASON

    Brand New 2x Pirelli P Zero Nero Tyres 255/35 R18 94H - Rated for ALL Season. MO - Mercedes Original Never fitted to car. Price is for a pair. Collection only or arrange your own courier. From East London / Essex area. £175! Thanks Photo:
  9. T

    Nearly new 255/35/18 94Y XL GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 Assymetric 2 Tyres

    Hi Guys, I am selling 2 Goodyear F1 asymmetric 2 Tyres in size 255/35/18 94Y XL rating with rim protector. The tread depth is the full 8mm. These are effectively new tyres fitted to my vehicle yesterday but don't suit my car which should have MO fitment which these tyres aren't. The receipt...
  10. A

    Pair 255/35/18 Kumho & Pair 255/40/18 Pirelli P Zero

    Hi guys got the following going spare Pair of 255/35/18 Kumho Ecsta KU19's First tyre has just under 5mm tread all the way across. Second tyre varies between 4-5mm across. No punctures, bulges or repairs. After £80 for the pair collected. Second set Pair of 255/40/18 Pirelli P Zero Rosso...
  11. EDZ649

    Pair of 285/60/18 Michelin Diamaris tyres

    As above, I have a pair of brand new Michelin Diamaris 4 x 4 tyres for sale, only on the car for 2 miles and still have the remnants of the labels on the tread. Bought in error. W speed rating. These retail for around £180-190 each. Looking for £130 each posted or ££240 posted for the...
  12. P

    265/35/18 x 2 with resonable to good tread

    As per the title, the closer the better but don't mind a little bit of traveling. Situated in Milton Keynes. No cheapo death sliders/ditch finders please.
  13. brucemillar

    255/35/18 Part Worns X2

    Folks Looking for two used but reasonable 255/35/18 They can be narrower; 245 or 235 but need to be 35/18 please.
  14. A

    2x Pirelli P Zero Rosso 255/40/18 4mm

    Hi guys, these came on my SL55 turbines but are too big for the CLK. Both have around 4mm and are in good condition without any damage to the sidewalls etc or puncture repairs. They held air fine while mounted to the wheels etc. I'm after £80 collected from Ilford Essex. Kind...
  15. J

    3 x goodyear eagle F1 235/40/18 tyres

    got 3 of these for sale, on ebay at the moment but happy to do a deal with a forum member if wanted..cheers Goodyear Eagle F1 235 40 ZR18 tyres x3 very good tread | eBay
  16. M

    225/40/18 on 18x8.5?

    I've ordered a set of AMG reps 18 x 8.5 and 9.5 with ET35 offset... will these fit with 225/40/18 & 255/40/18 tyres? On a 2013 lwb Vito btw :)
  17. alhucoll

    2 x Kumho KW27 235/40/18

    A pair of winter tyres in the above size. Approximateley 7mm tread and ten weeks use. £160 for the pair. Will get pictures up tomorrow. Al
  18. JonMad

    Some 225/40/18 tyres for sale

    Hiya, I've just put these up there. May be of interest. One Falken Falken 452 18" 225/40R18 92Y tyre | eBay Two slightly worn Pirellis but maybe of use to someone. Pair of Pirelli P Zero Rosso 18" 225/40R18 92Y part worn tyres - bargain! | eBay Cheers, Jon
  19. billywhiz

    Conti Sport 3 - 265/35/18 - totally undamaged 5.5mm left

    As per title, taken from my E55 is this Conti Sport Contact 3 265/35/28 M0 tyre. Totally undamaged, no punctures, no sidewall damage - a great tyre. even wear of 5.5mm left across whole tyre and no sidewall scrubbing etc etc. Looking for £80 + £9.99 postage within UK or you can collect...
  20. zenman63

    Used tyre 1X 225/35/18

    As above 225/35/18 Michelin pilot sport, only one and in very good condition, looks almost new. £50
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