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  1. D

    Wanted: Genuine one piece ///AMG badge..

    I need a genuine one piece ///AMG badge as would have been found on W202 C36's, W124 E36's, W140 AMG's etc... Made between (and found on many other AMG models of the same vintage), say roughly 1993-97....? cash waiting.... Dee :thumb:
  2. D

    C43 ///AMG For Sale

    My 1998 S reg C43 AMG for sale 10 month MOT 3 month tax 140k with full detailed service history, there is a big binder full of all the work that's been carried out. Two-tone black and white leather with heated seats. 2 x keys (1 new style). Leather steering wheel looking a little faded and...
  3. horgantrevor

    Sl55 ///amg

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace this looks nice a lot of work done to change the bonnet or is it
  4. BenzedUP

    C55 ///amg

    Here is my factory stock C55 AMG in Dimond black one of the last made - December 2006 Low miles&FMBSH+12Months MB warrenty:thumb: It's covered in teflon-protective wax:rolleyes: Interior Images; Soon to have; Custom ECU re-map, BILSTEIN...
  5. Mudster

    ///AMG Aero I's W126 fitment

    As title:- I have a set of Aero I ///AMG alloys - 8"x17" E11 Good used condition, some parking scuff marks on the rims and signs of the Lacquer starting to peel. These are quite good condition though and wouldn't look wrong being bolted straight on. If you're critical they will need a refurb...
  6. andy_cyp

    ///amg Vinyls

    Got half a dozen of these lying around. Afriend of mine whos a printer made these up for me, so if anyones intrerested please pm me. Sorry about the pic quality as it was a phone cam jobbie. As you can see i put one on the black grille and it does go quite nice and the pic as stated dont...
  7. philsy2k

    C36 ///AMG for sale

    Regretfully i have to sell my pride and joy because i was sacked last week from a well paid job and now i cant get anything near what i need to make my monthly direct debits, the car stands me nearly £19000!!!!! My camera is broken so i am lending my friends tomorrow to post pictures, but for...
  8. ThreePointsix

    My 1996 C36 ///AMG (always for sale!)

    My 1996 C36 ///AMG My '96 C36 w/ 51K miles on the odometer. Purchased in '02 w/only 37K on it! Stock car here - but not for long! Alongside the 1st EVO VIII in Houston back in Feb '03 Note the hideous gap that will soon be part of the past... New Shatz grill installed last week...
  9. pnsji

    C36 ///AMG Part 3

  10. pnsji

    C36 ///AMG part 2

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