1. J

    Orange Vito colour codes

    Anyone got a reference for paint codes that would list any different 'orange' colours as seen on Mercedes Vito cans? When I had some minor repairs to my Stratos kit, years ago, was told the orange was the same as a Vito orange. I'd now like to get some touch-up paint for the car but it...
  2. M

    Orange peel

    Hi guys , I have a new c class , 2 weeks old . Car is completely covered in severe orange peel , you don't even have to look closely to see it . Having very little satisfaction so far from the dealer . Would appreciate if anyone out there who has had a similar situation could let me know how...
  3. T

    1995 sl320 new owner indicators?

    Morning all, Hope you are well. My '95 sl320 has been fitted with white front indicator lenses when I think originally they would have been orange? If this is the case would someone kindly sell me a pair? Thankyou...
  4. S

    Apricot orange paint code 482 on R107/C107

    My 1983 380SL is due for a respray and I'm looking for a change from the original thistle green. I'm (perhaps foolishly) intrigued by a colour called apricot orange (code 482) which I believe was only available between late 1979 and early 1981. Does anyone know of any SLs or SLCs in this colour...
  5. WDB124066

    Spilt orange juice inside car

    As per the thread title I've gone and spilt orange juice all over the passenger's seat and down onto the carpet so that it pooled on the seat and the rear floor seat mounts. I've got it in mind in the morning to remove the seat tip water onto the wet areas and suck it up with a wet & dry vacuum...
  6. t-dawg1

    What are these Orange lights for?

    Mercedes W211 centre console!
  7. uumode

    Brand new Mercedes and orange peel

    From my observations of cars in showrooms, it seems most new Mercedes Benz come standard with fairly high levels of orange peel paintwork - even S Classes. The AMG GT on the other hand didn't have orange peel. Here are some cars in the showroom, observe the grainy reflection on the...
  8. M

    Super Rare Mercedes SLR 722 GT In Bright Orange

    Looks amazing. From the article: This super rare Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT is a grand tourer race car that was built by McLaren and Mercedes together. Of all the versions of the Mercedes SLR that were ever built, the Mercedes 722 GT is possibly the most hardcore version. Photos...
  9. Reggie-rock

    Orange engine management light has come on.....Please help

    Hi All, Today driving with very low fuel in my 2006 CLK350 the orange management light came on and has stayed on since. Done a quick check on the levels etc but all seems OK. Just wondered if anyone else had this happen when very low on petrol or is just a coincidence. Is there anything...
  10. B

    B180 W245 orange engine light

    I have a 2011 B180 W245 with the orange engine warning light coming on. I went to my local garage and had it read and reset it was a P2101 which according to engine-codes is Faulty Electric Throttle Control (ETC) Actuator - Electric Throttle Control (ETC) Actuator harness is open or shorted -...
  11. H

    Little Orange Light Next to Gear Selector

    Dear all, i was wondering is someone could shed some light on this little light i have to the right of my gear stick. The light is labelled as Airbag and when switching on the ignition it lights up orange and then goes off. It has been suggested that it is to indicate that the passenger...
  12. The _Don

    Orange with fake carbon c63 (ck63) amg

    Complete with a hideous bonnet -
  13. D

    Desgino Orange W202

    If this was a C43, it would be on my drive..... 1999 MERCEDES C240 ELEGANCE AUTO IN RARE DESIGNO ORANGE - NO RESERVE | eBay
  14. smillion

    New 2015 CLS ordererd - Orange Wheels dot com

    Yesterday I ordered the 2015 CLS for delivery last week of October. There seems to be very little with the dealers about the specific specs and it was a forum member that put me onto the Internet new car websites which do seem to have some details. Ended up on Orange Wheels and what an...
  15. M

    S320 Orange Turbo Seal - how to replace

    Hi All, My S320 being new to me and having had a limp mode due to a faulty DPF sensor I want to start becoming preventative on issues. There is a lot of talk about the orange seal for the turbo. I had a look at mine and it looks like I have a few drops of oil below it. It seems a simple...
  16. Bladgb

    Intrigued by an orange triangle in door mirror - CLS class

    Followed a very nice looking CLS class this morning on the school run - 63 plate. In the traffic I noticed an orange triangle appear in each of his door mirrors to lower outer corner when stopped/low speed, these disappeared as he picked up speed. I couldn't work out what the function was -...
  17. E

    W210 dash display problem bright orange

    I've got a 98 W210 E300 and randomly my dash display keeps blocking out. Sometimes just over the characters and sometimes the whole display. I've got no dead pixels when it's all working. Anybody know what's up with this? It's driving me crazy.
  18. S

    Orange engine light

    Hi All, I have a Vito 115cdi dual liner, its a 2004 with 72000 miles on the clock. For the past few months I've mainly been using it at weekends but the orange engine light has come on, I know that I'll need to take it to the local dealer, hopefully I can get some answers here first to help...
  19. T

    C63....any pics of black car with orange calipers?

    I've got a black c63 with the 19" Multi spoke alloys The car has the standard silver calipers and I'm toying with the idea of painting the calipers orange Having done some googling I can't find man decent picture of a black c63 with 19s and orange calipers... Does anyone have any pics...
  20. mercmanuk

    orange mtb model evo 8 brand new

    orange evo 8 mountain bike frame size 17" comes with origional seat and gell seat led lights front and rear has road and off road tyres never used unwanted gift cost £1000 £600 ideal xmas gift
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