1. D

    Should I order a new C63S Coupe?

    Hi all, Just about to pull the trigger and order a C63S Coupe, new. Swapping my 2016 M4. Before I do, does anyone have any advice or warnings/comments etc for me? I've never owned a Merc but can't resist that sound any longer! What are the current factory lead times also? Not what...
  2. C

    Pre order Newbie

    Hello Ladies and Gents, Just wanted to pop in and say Hello ;) I'm not yet an owner but have an order slot and potential delivery date. This is my first MB and really looking forward to the change. I look forward to conversing and hopefully become a valuable positive contributor to the...
  3. Z

    New order C63 CONVERTIBLE

    I currently have a w205 c63 on personal contract hire which is due to go back soon. I am interested in replacing with the convertible on personal contract hire and wanted to any companies or individuals working for MB whom you would recommend. Thanks
  4. Gaz-M

    Anyone got a new Vito? (2015> facelift) Im looking to order one!

    Has anyone got a new Vito on here? Theres so little Vito forum stuff online! Im looking to replace my 120 with the new 116 with 7G Auto. Looking for peoples opinion on them, hopefully compared to the older 639 model and even better against the 120.. Opinion on prices if possible, Im not...
  5. M

    New E Class Estate (S213) Factory order time & New Tax changes in April

    Hi All, Any one here already ordered or actively considering New E Class Estate factory ordering..?? What's the lead time knowing that from April first Tax rules are changing and E class taxes goes up from £100+ to £400+ depending on model. Anyone close to dealerships or those waiting for...
  6. P

    Newbie just placed an order

    Very excited, so thought I'd come and say hello! Just placed an order for a c63 estate in brilliant blue, which I'm hoping is going to get a march delivery slot! It's gonna be a long few months waiting!!! Ben
  7. gr1nch

    Tracking a factory order - possible?

    Hello folks, Has anyone been able to (or heard of anyone that can) track their car order directly, without having to go through the dealer? Ideally online or failing that by talking to the Mercedes factory people? (maybe the same folk that arrange factory collections)
  8. P

    new C250 Final order details

    Hi, I have finally decided to buy a new C250 Details: C250D AMG Salloon: Obsidian black metallic Premium plus Driving assistance pack 360camera Air balance pack Night package (18') . I am giving my existing car away at the end of December. The dealer called me today and said that there...
  9. Alfie

    Free keyring for all forum members who order from us

    We are offering a free Mercedes Benz keyring worth £10 to all forum members who order from us. Simply specify your forum name in the customer comments section. You can also still use the forum discount coupon aswell. :D Keyring can be seen here...
  10. S

    A45 order

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and to Mercedes. I have recently ordered an A45 but after a delay with the dealer not putting the order through for a couple of weeks after I paid the deposit the wheels which are part of the night pack are now not available and may delay the car until February...
  11. JLR1969

    Having to cancel my C43 Coupe order

    Unfortunately due to personal reasons I am having to cancel my order for the C43 Coupe. Delivery was planned for 2 weeks I have advised the dealer but am awaiting a response. I will probably lose my deposit but not sure what other issues I will face. However if anyone is interested in...
  12. N

    E55k - Upgrades- which one first?

    Whilst I'm still searching for the perfect E55 it's only natural that my thoughts have turned to tuning... you lot on here with your dyno videos and graphs haven't helped!! So with the numerous modifications that are available to the E55 owner what's the most sensible path to take with the...
  13. G

    Audio 20 Media Play Random Order

    Am I the only one having this problem? I have just taken delivery of my 10 months old C220D AMG Line. My previous C220 with COMAND allowed me to play media playlists in random order AND REMEMBERED THE RANDOM SETTING. My new car with Audio 20 plays in random order but resets itself every time I...
  14. T

    Cancelling Order

    Visited my local dealership yesterday to sign the finance documents on my new car. After thinking about the whole process today, I'm contemplating cancelling my order! I think buying a new car should be an experience, and a good experience at that. Or maybe it's just the little things that...
  15. R

    Order cancelling - Again....

    So I have a dilemma after reading the other thread about order cancelling! In summary have a C43 on order since June, at the point of order the dealer matched the C2C quote. I was happy, order was placed (£1k deposit) car due end of September. Just run the car through C2C and it has...
  16. JLR1969

    Can I cancel my order???

    I have paid a £500 deposit and been advised of a build slot in mid-September for delivery early October. I am able to change the spec of the car until the 14th August However I have just done a quote on the same spec car on Coast2Coast and it came out £1750 cheaper. My initial order had a...
  17. M11GUL

    CLA shooting brake order

    Hi all, After years of enjoying my car allowance, a change in policy has meant that I have to change my car as it is now over 7 years old (age limit for car allowance eligibility). Rather than buying used again, I have been convinced to take up the offer of a company car. With a choice of...
  18. Evoluzione

    Unhappy with new car order - help appreciated.

    I ordered a new A45 last week, or I think I have but am really not happy with the level of service I have received so far. I've not got a correct order form, haven't really signed much, dealer is awful at returning calls, have been promised a copy of the order to check days ago, last one had...
  19. Sazzyb

    Deals on new C63s order

    Hi folks, I was wondering if their are any deals to be had on a new spec'd C63S coupe in terms of discounts and deposit contributions so that decent monthly payments could be achieved. I am toying between M3/M4 or the C63S so any info would be great.
  20. G

    New C63 Coupe Order

    Decided to go for it and place an order for a new C63 Coupe for September delivery as I managed to find a dealer offering quite a decent discount. I'll be selling my 2013 C63 coupe for this so hope I've made the right decision, especially since I've not driven the new one. Has anyone here had...
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