1. H

    C63 ordered, need some advice (paint)

    So, I posted earlier in the summer about a C63 I was intending on buying and now I've gone ahead and ordered my 2018 C63 in Designo Selenite Grey (Matte). I'm wondering has any experience with the paint can give me any advice on caring for the it as it's the first time I've had to deal with...
  2. P

    XC90 ordered

    Placed my order and due for delivery towards end of September! After 10 years of Mercedes, I'm moving on.. hopefully I don't regret it!!
  3. Stratman

    Woman ordered to pay £24,500 in parking fines

    Woman ordered to pay £24,500 in parking charges Court orders woman to pay £24,500 to private parking company With the caveat it happened in Scotland, here's an extract
  4. S

    C63s ordered.... I'm back!!!... I think

    Hello gents... Well i am back... Jumping out of my M4 which i had tuned up to 540hp with all the nice carbon bits from BMW and MPE Exhaust however. After loosing shed loads of money in 8 months i decided to put a deposit on the c63s coupe. One predicament i have is that i am due to go on...
  5. T

    New E Class coupe ordered

    Hi All Well it had to be done - visited the merc dealer in Norwich and in the showroom was a E-Class coupe in Designo white with night pack - full screen and command ! I asked the salesman if they sell cars off the showroom floor and he said "show me the money" and it's yours ------ and...
  6. B

    New Car Ordered

    Hi all, Having never owned a Mercedes before i am pleased to say i have now ordered a C63S Coupe Options Ordered - 851A Uphlstery-Nappa Lther Pltinm White Metallic Paint Selenite Grey H73 AMG Interior Carbon Fibre Trim Pack P60 AMG Night Package 463 Head-Up Display 501 360 Degree Camera...
  7. F

    c350 e just ordered

    Hello and thanks to all for previous contributions, which I have digested over the past few days. Just placed an order for a Diamond Silver c350e Sport Estate, Crystal Grey interior, with Night Package and Heads Up Display Was going to go for Full Leather and the fancy lights, but reckoned I...
  8. B

    Alpin's ordered

    I'm about 1 month into the S212 E350cdi ownership and it's going great. One issue that bugged me about it was that despite all tyres were comfortably in legal depth, they were pretty dire. Avon's on the front, unsure of what type, I thought these would be ok but it understeers like an Audi. The...
  9. A

    Ordered my new tyres

    Called into local tyre specialist (Ashton Tyres) and got myself some Goodyear eagle F1s asymmetric 3. Gone for normal tyres and got myself a jack compressor and a can of tyre repair yucky stuff. Impressed with the price £216.00 for both fitted and swapped my fronts to backs as well. With...
  10. B

    Well after today I'm glad I ordered my c63s coupe back in Sept

    Visited Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands today and they had 2 C63s coupes in. One in blue stickered up to become part of the driving experience and then one Diamond White in the AMG showroom upstairs. It didn't have many options but having got to actually see one in the flesh and get inside it...
  11. Cabb

    New Vito 119 Sport Ordered

    Well after a bit of messing about I've ordered a new Vito had a test drive and and it all seems really good got the crewvan with some nice extras Van will be ready about August
  12. L

    Just ordered...

    my first brand new car a45 amg with JBD at Norwich,absolute gentleman and would certainly recommend him to anyone,now have just got to wait until May for it to arrive,going to be a long wait!!I am like a kid in a sweet shop now so excited!!Sleepless nights for me!
  13. Cabb

    507 B Service done Merc ordered me new Wheels

    As above had my car serviced only done just less than 4,000 miles my alloys were pitting around the edges MB Deale ordered me a new set anyone else had the same problem
  14. K

    New wheels ordered!

    Just got round to ordering some new 20" wheels for my W221 S320cdi. I was going to hold off until after Xmas but found a screw in the sidewall of one of my current tyres so this has pushed things forward somewhat. Gone for Zito Corsica in a 20" staggered fitment. 9.0" front and 10" rear...
  15. D

    Just ordered a C200.

    Hi everybody. As it says in the title, I have just bitten the bullet and ordered an Iridium silver C200 sport petrol. As I have had 3 Skoda Octavias since 2008, I thought it was about time for a change. So, anybody got any tips for me? I am at present reading the interactive manuals...
  16. RatCatcher

    C350e Ordered

    Evening all. I ordered my brilliant blue C350e Premium last week. I now have an indeterminate wait ahead of me before I actually get my hands on the car, so I'm turning to this forum to try and keep my sanity! The photos and words from the lucky beggars who already have their cars will...
  17. steve333

    New car ordered

    So the E350 has served me well in just over 21/2 years ownership from new but time for a change so chopped it in today for my first AMG but which one?;)
  18. grumpyoldgit

    Car clockers ordered to pay back £110,000 after targeting Black Country drivers

    Will it deter others I wonder? Car clockers ordered to pay back £110,000 after targeting Black Country drivers « Express & Star
  19. ioweddie

    Just ordered this dash camera

    Transcend Drivepro 220 (2.4 Inch) Car Video Recorder 16GB (Black) - Ebuyer Its got good reviews and is a good £25 cheaper here, I will update once it arrives re fitting etc
  20. merc85

    s211 finally bit the bullet, New key ordered lol

    As above finally bit the bullet and bought a new key from MB Colchester, Should be here sometime this wk if not early next wk. Was assured it will work straight away without issues hummm we shall see :doh: Im going on Holiday in August and didnt fancy runing the risk of having to get the car...
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