1. D

    Organising a soap box event

    At a party last night I got chatting to the manager of our local National Trust property. Apparently they are struggling with money (no surprise there) and are very open to events that will draw more people to the property, in terms of one off events and permanent "attractions" They have a...
  2. Palfrem

    Anyone organising the collection?

    BBC News - Speed camera partnership in Wiltshire closes But weren't these people supposed to be making a major contribution to road safety?
  3. prprandall51

    Organising MP3 files on DVD

    Hello, can anyone please advise the best method for building an MP3 DVD for Comand (E-Class)? I have tried a few experimental discs using different methods of organising the files but I don't seem to be able to create a directory structure that Comand recognises which allows me to keep track...
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