1. mercconvert

    Origin B2 update cable/cradle

    Hi I see this has been asked a few times in the past but if anyone has an update cable to update the subscription on an origin b2 that I could borrow I would appreciate it. The car came with the unit and i would really like to continue using it if possible. Happy to cover postage and your time...
  2. Meldrew2

    What's the origin of your forum name?

    I'll go first... My ex used to claim that I moaned a bit - so she called me "Victor"
  3. C

    2 x Origin B2 systems for sale with long subscriptions

    'm selling my Origin B2 units. They're both in good working condition with update subscriptions that end in December 2015. Whilst Origin have been sold to Road Angel, the update service is fully supported by them so there would be no problem with taking over these units once the subscriptions...
  4. developer

    Origin of members names

    Excuse me if this has been asked before (though new members join all the time so it will constantly change). What are the origins of our member names? Some are obvious, some are car related, but others have me guessing with interest. Here's my starter for 10. Developer215 - property...
  5. Godot

    Lordi jinak ; The Origin of Irish Dancing ?

  6. G

    Origin B2 speed camera database thingy

    Recently removed from my other half's car and now no longer required. Comes with original box, full instructions and CD. Same as this: Nav-Now.co.uk - The place for Speed Trap Detectors, Sat Nav and Fish Finders £100 delivered.
  7. 3

    Origin B2 - USB Update Cradle Wanted

    Hi, I'm looking for a USB update cradle for the Origin B2 so that I can retire my old desktop PC. :wallbash:
  8. mercmanuk

    Origin b2 usb docking cradle

    origin b2 usb docking /update cradle £12 inc postage
  9. Y

    W108 need to obtain proof of origin

    just wondered if anyone knew a website where i can obtain information on the manufacture of the w108 vin number 11102612002095 i have seen one website that states all the vin numbers starting 111026 were produced in AV Stuttgart 1971 but i need something more official for uk customs to prove...
  10. mercmanuk

    origin b2 no sound

    my origin b2 has lost its sound again,its been repaired 3 times with the same fault works fine except no sound,think its time to search for a replacement as origin wont admit they have a problem with these units and i refuse to pay another £25+vat and postage. any idea's on a replacement
  11. I

    Origin b2......alternative!

    I'm sick of these people their product and their "service". When they work they are good, but I've given up. I have three, all of which have problems, they mostly (sometimes) work after a fashion, but with problems when they do. That said, when they worked they were excellent, so what I'm...
  12. M

    Origin B2 for sale

    I am selling my origin B2 gps speed camera detector complete with USB update docking station & laser detector . Comes complete with gps antenna, cigar lighter power supply & original cradle & cables. registration is transferable as far as I know. I also have a second unit that was hard...
  13. mercmanuk

    origin b2 radar detector

    origin b2 detector with full car kit in origional box .inc software,used in second car so little used just upgraded to pogo drive unit 2 units for sale £60 each ono
  14. A

    Pogo Alert or Origin B2 into new C-Class

    Has anyone installed a Pogo Alert or an Origin B2 into the new shape C-Class ? I am trying to work out how best to hide the Pogo or B2. Do not want the unit stuck on the windscreen or dashboard. Thanks, Allan
  15. mercmanuk

    origin b2

    does anyone know the link for the updater software for the origin b2 that works with windows vista as its been removed from the website since the new model was released..
  16. I

    Origin B2 placement in a 129

    Has anyone got a B2 in their 129? I ask because I have one placed below the steering wheel on the left and I want to fit one to the other car somewhere where I can see it better. Any ideas? Thanks folks
  17. C

    Installing Origin B2 in 2002 W203

    Hello from the newbie! I've just got myself a 52 plate C270 CDI and i'm trying to work out where to install my Origin B2. I've done a search through the archives and the ashtray seems like a good location. I would like to hardwire it into the car as using the power socket in the centre console...
  18. WLeg

    Origin B2 For Sale

    Subscription Expires TODAY (but can be transfered of renewed for £50.00 + £12.50 activation charge). Car kit and old style serial-port updating kit. Work fine with USB converter. Nissan pick-up does not go fast enough to warrent having one !!!!!! They seem to be selling with expired...
  19. Tan

    Origin B2 in a W203

    Hi I am looking for ideas as to where to install my Orgin B2 into my W203. I think that there were some pictures in the gallery (IIRC it was Guy's C32) but can't find them now. Anyone got any ideas? Regards Tan
  20. guydewdney

    Anyone else have a glitchy Origin B2?

    mine sometimes doesnt lock, and picks up (say) two sattelites. other times it bleeps, and flicks from searching (blank) and iirc the startup screen, again, no lock. Most of the time it works ok - do I have a dodgy connector?
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