1. E

    HELP - R107 original interior door sticker

    Hi All I'm the proud owner of a beautiful gold SL380 convertible. Unfortunately my ridiculous Mercedes garage when MOT'ing the car took it upon themselves to remove a sticker from the inside of the door shut and replace it with a awful modern sticker advertising their garage telephone...
  2. CLSMark

    Not original or exciting, but something to do

    Inside the actors studio questions.. What is your favorite word? Daddy/Dad (coming from my daughters) What is your least favorite word(s) Has to be ( you know what ) What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Great conversation What turns you off? Bigotry What is your...
  3. astamir

    18" original mercedes amg wheels

    Hi guys! Selling a set of original amg wheels from e class w212 in a very good condition. They have been recently refurbished and haven't been used for long after that. Collection from north London wood green please Two front tyres are very good more than 5mm left the two rear ones needs...
  4. B

    Wanted: An original MB telephone console for a RHD w202 C-Class.

    Wanted original MB telephone console for a RHD w202 C-Class black color Please info, many thanks
  5. G

    For Sale: Designer iPad Leather Sleeve - original JOLI

    I have for sale an original Joli, handmade, brown leather with aqua felt lining, sleeve. Purchased for my iPad back in 2011, seen very little use, as I gifted that iPad in a few months to my dad (who never even tried to learn how to use it, I'm told). Reorganising my home office, so only...
  6. astamir

    original brabus or not?

    Hi guys! Help needed from more knowledgeable guys here on the forum. Last year I bought a w208 clk320 with original rear bumper skirt,back box,door sills,sill covers,wing badge,gear knob and steering wheel. Was going to break but someone suggested that it might have the brabus original cams if...
  7. Justin1600

    W202 C43 AMG set of four original springs

    All four original mercedes springs removed from a 1998 C43 AMG £100
  8. P

    W124 Bonnet Insulation - Brand New MB Original Part

    Brand new Mercedes Benz W124 bonnet insulation. Purchased to replace an original insulator tarnished by a power steering pump leak but never fitted. Shipped from Stuttgart and still in unopened, original packaging. I purchased a recommended adhesive at the time but this has now...
  9. D

    Original dealer keyrings from 03/04

    Has anyone got one? Are they the same but with different dealers details etched/egraved/printed on the back or did each one order their own around then. I'm fairly certain my car was a reading car RY reg so I'd quite like a keyring to go with it. Sad I know but there you go. Any info on the...
  10. D

    100% Original Conditon CLK 55...not.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272346341748 It's made worse by him posting photos of what it originally looked like when he first "brought" it.
  11. R

    W204 original spoiler?

    Hi, What would/where would be the best place to get hold of an original boot spoiler? I don't really want an after market version, I have looked all over eBay for someone breaking a W204 but none have the spoiler. Roobler
  12. lisa110rry

    Sorry, another question: Original tyre compressor

    I made my previous thread "Fixed" and don't know how to unfix it so I had to start another! Having packed away my new skinny spare wheel, I realised what the "hole" to the left hand side of the boot is for! The compressor for said skinny wheel! Now, I do have a compressor, but it doesn't...
  13. M

    CLK W209 wind deflector original .

    I have a new in box original Mercedes W209 CLK cabrio wind deflector which I believe I've never used . Looking for £200 delivered or less if collected .
  14. smoothrider

    W126 upholstery original?

    Is the blue piping MB original on this leather? Mercedes 300SE W126 / 40,000 MILES FROM NEW For Sale (1989) on Car And Classic UK [C708572]
  15. Makdissy

    124 cabriolet original first aid kit

    Hi guys I've been looking for the original first aid kit that come in the boot of any 124 cabriolet with White cross inside green square symbol Please if you have one for sale or if you know where I can get one from let me know Many thanks Peter
  16. S

    Original Mercedes Benz Audio 20

    New original MB part. Original number B67823670 Original Mercedes Benz Audio 20 B67823670 | eBay maybe discount....:thumb:
  17. I

    c43/clk55 original alloys

    c43/w208 clk55 alloys ,will do a deal on my BRabus 18s alloys.
  18. brucemillar

    Original AMG C55 Alloys

    As above please. Preferably in 18" (then I can retain my existing tyres) But I would look at the original 17's. Thank you.
  19. Kris1

    MERCEDES W124 Exhaust Box with tail pipe ORIGINAL Part

    MERCEDES 320E Saloon W124 85-95 Exhaust Box with tail pipe ORIGINAL Part | eBay
  20. D

    Original supplying dealer

    Is there a way to find out who originally supplied my car? The first few services were in Bristol but the car is an RY plate which is Reading. I can't see anything in the paperwork that states who supplied it. I suppose the first owner could have ordered it in Reading and serviced it in Bristol...
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