1. R

    1997 SL 320 R129 Azurite Blue / Orion Grey

    For Sale: 1997 SL 320 (M104 Straight Six) I am the 3rd Keeper from new. Azurite Blue metallic with Orion Grey Leather Panoramic Hard Top with stand. 103k miles Service history. Please PM me for full details. The car is in very good condition considering it's age. It...
  2. N

    Excellent W126 Orion Grey leather seats, doorcards & rear blind.

    Excellent working electric drivers seat with no damage to the bolster, unmarked manual passenger seat. All four seats are heated. Doorcards are in good condition & come with the handles. Rear blind is complete & the motor makes appropriate noises but it doesn't go up. I think the string or...
  3. N

    W126 Orion grey illuminated vanity mirrors with wiring loom.

    Working & in perfect condition with the two clips through which they are 'parked' & powered, the original MB wiring loom & the middle sunshade for behind the mirror. The indentation you can see on the bottom L of the top visor is from the black clip in the picture which the PO used for keeping...
  4. N

    W126 Orion grey, Burr walnut storage box with key.

    Rarely ordered when new & very rarely seen now, this W126 Orion grey & Burr walnut front console storage box is in outstanding condition with no damage whatsoever to the grey cover, no cracks in the wood and with a working lock & key. £105 shipped. PM me with an email address for more & bigger...
  5. N

    FS: V. good W126 SEC Heated, Electric Orion Grey seats

    From a 1990 500 SEC & now becoming difficult to find in this condition, these Orion Grey heated & electric seats are in really good condition. They came from a car with 92K on the clock which had it's head removed for an engine problem investigation years ago & has sat unused ever since...
  6. aka$h

    Steering Wheel Orion Grey \ Bird's Eye Maple

    For a w210 E-class and w208 CLK-class The wheel is totally unmarked. I bought it to use in my w210 but sold the car a few weeks after buying it. It was supplied by MB Nottingham, retail on it is over £500, I paid £300 for it. £225 plus p&p
  7. P

    Orion Grey leather interior for CLK Cabriolet

    I am selling a full orion grey leather interior for a W208 CLK cabriolet. This comprises front seats (electric, orthopedic power contour, not heated), rear seats (but not the rear headrests which form part of the roll-over system), front and rear door cards. The near side rear door card has a 1"...
  8. N

    NEEDED 190E Orion Grey Doorcard

    I'm looking for a N/S rear doorcard in Orion Grey (a sort of light Dove grey) for a 190E with a leather interior & electric windows. The door card is plastic "lookalike" leather with no cloth insert. Must be non peeling & in very good condition. I already have a peeling one! If anybody has...
  9. SilverSaloon

    Orion Grey Leather Paint (liquid Leather)

    hi i have for sale a pot of unused ORION GREY LIQUID LEATHER SCUFF MASTER stuff as described HERE: http://www.liquidleather.com/scuffs.htm from the website..... 250ml costs £17.95; I WILL SELL THE POT FOR £11 which includes postage. Just PM me if interested. It will match all...
  10. S

    Clk Cabrio Leather Orion Grey

    Hi, I'm Still Looking For A Clk Cabrio Leather In Orion Grey. THERE IS NO NEED OF PARKTRONIC!!! but i need the door panel too Please Pm Or Email Me If You Have One!!!
  11. M

    What is Orion grey?

    I have just bought a Brabus sport steering wheel in orion grey for my W210 and I want a wood/leather gear selector (automatic) to match. The colour of my wheel is orion grey but in the MB E-class accessories catalogue they list the wood/leather selector levers as: dark grey, dark stone or...
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