1. H

    W201 orthopaedic seat switch

    So I've recently bought a 2.6 auto and it from factory had a orthopaedic drivers seat, when I bought it the seat didn't work as one it has a broken switch which I can't find the part number and cannot find it at all on the EPC so would like as much help on this as possible as I want to get this...
  2. M

    W209 CLK Orthopaedic / Multi Contour Seat Pump

    The Orthopaedic / Multi-contour seat pump for my CLK only appears to be working intermittently - if anyone has one spare or a breaking one. do let me know! Thanks
  3. W

    Orthopaedic Drivers Seat for W124 Coupe

    Hi! Yeah yeah I know its a tall order really,but if you don't put the word out you won't get eh? I'm after a mushroom leather drivers seat for my W124 Coupe,with the Ortho function.Heated,electric would be a bonus but not essential. PM me here even if you know of one which needs a recover...
  4. k.dawson1

    Orthopaedic Seat Pump Fuse?

    Hi all, I have a 2006 CLK with Orthopaedic Seats, which do not work, I presume because I cannot hear any pump working hidden away somewhere that this problem is not a lose air pipe issue. I understand the pump is located in the rear boot somewhere, but would like to know where the fuse is...
  5. T

    Can you retrofit orthopaedic front seats from another car?

    Hi, Can you retrofit orthopaedic front seats from another car? Would the air bit plug into the central locking pump? Thanks
  6. stats007

    Any Orthopaedic Specialists?

    Any members with specific knowledge in this area - consultant surgeons, physios, osteopaths?
  7. chriswt

    Orthopaedic seats

    Has anyone got any suggestions or recommendation for cars with good Orthopaedic seats. I recently replaced my Saab 9-3ss which had absolutely superb seats (apparently most Saab seats are orthopaedic) and would have another 9-3 if they actually built the rest of the car properly :crazy: As...
  8. A

    orthopaedic seats

    Hi I believe I have an orthopaedic seat in my 2001 CLK - however there only seems to be a control for the passenger seat - could the original purchaser ordered just the passenger seat and not the drivers seat or has the seat been replaced at soem time - It seems a bit odd......?? thanks Alex
  9. hitt

    W124 Orthopaedic seat

    Does anyone have any idea how to rig up the Orthopaedic seats in a W124 CE? I recently purchased a new leather interior and fitted it all yesterday. The seat has 2x 2pin electrical connections and 2 vacuum pipes plus an additional 4 pin electrical plug. The 2 pin black plug is for the...
  10. P

    Air Pump for Orthopaedic Seats

    Does anyone know how to disable the air pump that is fitted to cars with orthopaedic seats? My car had orthopaedic seats. They weren't heated. I had the opportunity to purchase a complete set of designo leather, heated, non-orthopaedic seats for my CLK. These seats were from a wrecked car...
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