1. andy27168

    WANTED: CLS Orthopedic Seat Pump

    Hi, Wanted Orthopedic seat pump for a CLS 219, Mercedes A 211 800 01 48 or Bosch 0 132 006 367 Alternatively as these seem to fail quite a lot if anyone has a broken one as I might be able to make a good one out of the two. Let me if you can help. Many Thanks :thumb:
  2. jdrrco

    Orthopedic seat cushions - do they move?

    Ok, bear with me, this may sound like a strange question but here goes. I picked up my new (to me) CLK 320CDi Sport two weeks ago. The Sport seems to have had orthopedic seats as standard, which consist of a number of inflatable cushions: one either side of the backrest, an upper and lower...
  3. J

    W124 Orthopedic seat problem

    The seats in my 320CE cab were removed when I had some speakers and an amp installed and the 'installer' cocked up the seat reinstallation and now my once working orthopedic seats do not work anymore. Where do I start in removing the seat to see what is amiss and can anyone tell me or post a...
  4. S

    Orthopedic seats wont inflate

    Hello guys Im new in the forum and I encountered a problem with my orthopedic seats on my 2006 CLK.The problem is that they wont inflate. The one day they were working fine and the next morning nothing.What could be probably go wrong? Thank you!
  5. J

    Orthopedic seat, 1987 W124 250D

    Hey guys, I have a taxi-spec 250D 1987, and it's got what seems to be an orthopedic seat. (driver's side only) There's not a lot of material on this, apparently they were more common in the SELs. Mine doesn't seem to work - if it does, then the amount of air going into the back support...
  6. A

    W124 Grey Leather Orthopedic Seats

    May be of interest to someone: Leather orthopedic seats for Mercedes W124 estate on eBay (end time 11-Jul-09 20:20:06 BST) Andy
  7. M

    Orthopedic seat swap W124!

    Hello All! Can all the parts from a S124 seat be transferred into a W124 manually adjusted seat. How do the covers come off. Has anybody done this before. Pray tell lol! Thank You. Mercedeslover.
  8. 2

    Orthopedic Pipework

    I finally got round to trying to fix the side bolster pipe that had blown off. I inserted the pipe back into the y piece. It blew off straight away. I ten used araldite, inserted the pipe and left it over night. It held up for half a day and then blew again. My next effort is to try glue and a...
  9. andrewcliffe

    C43 orthopedic seats stopped working

    Noticed this morning that both front seats have stopped working. They both go forwards, back, up and down, but all of the orthopedic airbag systems are not inflating. Where should I start looking?
  10. BenzComander

    Orthopedic seats

    Following on from the thread below about backache from the seats in a W210, can anybody give a comparison of the benefits of the orthopedic seats against the standard ones. Cheers,
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