1. A

    New Mercedes E class W210, SLK, CLK osf fog lamp lens, A1708261090

    On Ebay @ £9.99 but happy to do a deal for members. Mercedes E class W210, SLK, CLK osf fog lamp lens, A1708261090 | eBay
  2. A

    W202 OSF Wing

    I've got a new, pattern , W202 OSF wing ( No indicator hole). It has been damaged at the very front tip. My bodyshop have advised me that it'll take them longer to correct the dent/deformation than is practical (for my pocket). If you are able to do your own bodywork or want to use it for other...
  3. H

    c class osf brake caliper ( part no:6849)

    Selling this caliper. Bought it for my own and it was wrong one. Mine has caliper with part no 6850 on it. Its BEEN TESTED ON A BENCH FROM THE CAR IT CAME FROM AND WORKING 100% Ebay no: 141885548817 Email me on there if you want to make an offer.
  4. C

    OSF wing W210 E

    I am after a drivers front wing for my W210. In PC 341 or primer.
  5. merc85

    Weather strip s211 2003 osf

    As above, i would like to replace the big thick weather strip that sits around the osf drivers door as its perishing but i cant see how it attaches to the door itself? Any ideas?:dk:
  6. shaunk_22

    C124 osf wheel hitting the arch on full lock

    I've just bought a C124 and noticed the osf wing has been pushed out at the arch because the wheels is hitting it, the tyre has been cut and has chunks out of it aswell, what could this be? A probelm with the shock maybe? its on high profile tyres on 15inch standard alloys.
  7. trapperjohn

    Interesting OSF wing S124 on the bay.

  8. L

    e300 battery light & osf window not working

    Hi all just fitteda new engine to my new e300 diesel, found i do not have any battery light,on dash when ign is on,do they have them,battery only charging 12.09 volt on tick over,also offside front window has stoped working + puddle light, checked fuses on left hand side in under bonnet & fuses...
  9. M

    OSF airmatic strut 220 s320 cdi 52 reg

    Hi im after an airmatic suspension strut for a s class,can anyone help?
  10. R1der

    1998 E300 OSF brake caliper

    Hi there, anyone in the north east or even north of England got an OSF brake caliper for a 1998 E300 it is the 3.0 TD and has the ATE calipers fitted. Not sure if there is an alternative fitting and anyone has a matching pair to fit Reasonably urgent requirement, so any help greatly appreciated...
  11. C

    Osf wing and drivers door w124

    Searching for : Drivers door for W124 300D 1994 Facelift Model (Nautic Blue) OSF wing also required / the wing has an air vent. (Nautic Blue) Thanks for looking Hugh
  12. R

    W202 OSF Wing

    Morning All, Does anybody here have a W202 OS front wing, preferably in good nick and ideally in 189 Green/ Black? Thanks Richard
  13. S

    osf,wheel receding back to mudguard/ 300E SALOON

    front offside wheel is nearly touching mudflap. When going over roadhumps,bumps on the road osf-wing hits the tyre. The nsf-wheel has same gap at front +rear of wheel arch - Where as osf wheel arch, there is a small gap at rear of wheel arch +large gap at front of wheel arch SCARED TO DRIVE THE...
  14. Tigger

    Urgently need OSF Wishbone arm for 2001 W210 E320 CDI

    I'm having the suspension sorted out on my W210 E320 CDI but unfortunately it seems that the OSF wishbone arm assembly complete with bushes is out of stock in all the usual places. Plenty of nearside ones available but not the offside. Does anyone know where I can pick one up tomorrow...
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