1. chopper_harris

    W124 OTG installation ...

    Folks Looking to install an OTG on my '95 A124. Can anyone help with a known good OTG display and sensor. I know that sensor joins the subloom around the fuse box area, is the subloom between the engine bay and the speedo console present on late 124 cars, or do I need to cobble together...
  2. A

    W124 outside temp gauge OTG - blank display

    Since buying my w124, the OTG has always had a blank display. It has the OTG option, and as the front sensor in the bumper had been mangled by the previous owner, I assumed a new sensor would fix it. A new sensor was ordered from Mercedes and fitted this morning, but still the display is...
  3. Nastynick

    124 with OTG?????

    I keep seeing advert for 124 series coupes featuring "OTG" in their spec list. I haven't a clue what OTG is. Can anyone put me out if my misery please? Thanks in advance. Nick.
  4. ngenius1

    Another OTG Question

    Hi all, I have a 1993 320ce, the otg display in the dash is blank, nothing at all other than illumination when i turn the lights on. I have removed it and pressed on the lcd and the digits are there, im assuming i need a new display? If the otg sensor was the problem would i not just get false...
  5. N

    190E OTG & 'taxi' console removal.

    Step by step instructions for the mechanically challenged most appreciated. The mileage trip on my speedo is on the blink & in trying to remove the instrument pod I see the OTG has no plug behind the speedo. I'm guessing it's removed through the front of the pod by giving it a good yank. Is...
  6. 230K

    210 Air-con and OTG

    Hi A friend is having problems with his air-con and OTG see below can anyone advise? 230K "My E300 Turbodiesel is showing an outside temperature of 46ºC. I’m not sure, but I don’t think it is really just quite that warm outside at the minute, but you never know. Coincidently, the...
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