1. Herishi

    Glow time output stage (Glow plug relay) can bus?

    doe anyone know if the glow time output stage is on the can bus on a 211 2007 3.0 V6 Diesel? Part number A 642 900 58 01 I have a glow plug warning light on my dash ( though no issues starting) and when I read the error codes I get a Can Controller "Can bus OFF 1 2 4 8" error Thank for...
  2. brucemillar

    Testing radio speaker output?

    Folks My 124 has decided that I should not be able to listen any sounds other than it's glorious straight six and my Mrs Millar complaining that there is no moozak. I have tried: * Two different head units = same issue * Removing the top of the fader switch and putting in jumpers = It was...
  3. B

    Power output bhp

    Hi can someone tell me the bhp of a e350 cgi convertible 2010 model I keep getting two figures 268bhp and 302bhp can anyone tell witch one is the right one thanks.
  4. Y

    glowplug output stage short circuit to positive

    glow output stage short circuit to positive hi all my cars has a problem glowplug lights is always on i have check all 4 plugs which read 0 ohms the relay reads 17 ohms at all 4 points i have opened up the relay and it looks good testing voltage at power wire i gt 0 volts all...
  5. C

    Comand Online NTG 4.5: video output question

    Hello everyone, I have a question about the NTG 4.5 unit (Comand Online) which is installed in my CLS. Basically I would like to get the video signal out of the unit, to send it to another external unit which has the classic rca video input plug (yellow), with the aim to transmit the video...
  6. C

    Data Card Build Spec and Power Output

    Hi all, first post, new to Mercedes (apart from a very brief spell with a SLK) and have a UK 2010 registered (built early 2011) E Class 350 CDi Sport being delivered on Monday. Could someone kindly provide me with the data card and confirm the options and power output, (I want to make sure...
  7. S

    E220 power output

    Hi I'm still trying to learn more about these cars so here goes another question: I have a S211 E220 2006 pre-facelift, I'm unsure what the power output is. As far as I can see there are 2 different outputs, 150 and 170 BHP but do these refer to pre and post-facelift? If some...
  8. C

    Exhaust output

    I've got W205 C200 Petrol with twin exhausts and I've noticed that rather than there being a balanced output of exhaust gases between both pipes there's considerably more coming out of the right hand side than the left. Is this anything to be concerned about?
  9. 420SE

    W202 C220CDi: Weak Heater (Temp + Output)

    Hi guys. It's been quite cold recently and I have noticed that the heater isn't doing it's job. :( Symptoms: 1. When I set the temp to max, the temp can best be described as nothing more than lukewarm 2. When I set the air speed dial from 1, say to 5, there is an increase in air output, but it...
  10. B

    300ce output flange size?

    I have a 1993 mercedes 300ce sportline..The output shaft flange needs replacing..mercedes can get one from Germany but have listed 2 for this model..1 is 90mm the other is 100mm, mercedes do not know what the dimensions refer to.. Does anyone know which one is correct fitting?
  11. T3RVO

    S 203 which Audio head(s) have Bose optical output?

    No doubt some of you guys have come across this issue many times before. Originally my 2002 C32 AMG Estate had COMAND and Bose. The COMAND head had long since been thrown away before I bought the car which came with a very poor quality combined navigation/audio head unit. It was one of those...
  12. smoothcoupe

    E55k bhp output

    Typically what should be the power output on e 2004 e55k.. some say they put out more than the suggested 469bhp quoted by mercedes...
  13. M

    W211 Diff Output Shaft Seal

    I need to replace the n/s output shaft seal on my W211 E270, are there any special tools that I need, i.e. funny sized sockets or Torx bits ? I'm an ex Jaguar tech, so have plenty of tools, but like to make sure I have everything I need before I start a job.
  14. C

    Comand online video output?

    Thinking that Santa should bring me a new car - probably a W212 with Comand Online. I have a question regarding the DVD operation - I know the screen in the front is turned off when the car is moving (and I'm not looking to change that!) but does the Comand have a video output connection that...
  15. A

    How to output a third aireal from a sky box?

    Hello Currently have sky in main tv and then the sky box has the rf2 output to a tv upstairs using a magic eye. This works a treat (same channel not multi room) How can I output another aireal from the box? Would I need a splitter and another magic eye or another method? Thanks
  16. Stratman

    Tesla pre-sells all 2012 Model S output

    If it goes as well as it looks :thumb: Very Maseratiesque. Great looking car, I wonder what the range is. At $49,000 (£65,000 :rolleyes:) I'm not surprised they've sold out.
  17. Q

    W201 (190E) alternator output queries.

    I've already posted this query over on the 190 forum but lots of different people here who may be able to help..... Some advice needed from those who know more than I do about rough engine idle and a possible link to alternator output, that will be most people as I know very little :o...
  18. A

    W124 E220 MAF output over 5v

    Hi, I have measured the MAF output signal (pin1) and got: ignition ON engine OFF: 7.3v !!! Engine idle: 9.3!!! rev up: 10.6V !! what did I do wrong ?
  19. M

    function of ignition output transistors

    can anyone pls lemme knw the function of output transistors and secondly what are the signs of a bad fuel actuator in a merc e220 1996??What does an ICV do?whr is it located???Is there any relationship between Coolant temp sensor and bad mileage??The OVP relay...pls mention what happens if it...
  20. grober

    ECU ignition output transistors

    Came across some useful discussions on the replacement of ignition output transistors for engine ECU's which I posted on another forum. Might be of help to some folks on here/ There's a detailed discussion here BimmerNut.com Forums It's a bit mixed but summarising what is said the...
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