1. 2

    Car Radio Speaker Outputs

    Hi. I am looking at Pioneer car radio models to replace my becker audio 10 and speakers in a 2003 CLK. As much as possible I would like to maintain the number of speakers I currently have installed in the car which are 7 (2 tweeters + 2 front + 2 back + 1 Subwoofer). Some pioneer units have...
  2. vijilants

    W204 NTG4 Command line outputs ?

    Hi, Can anyone please asvise me if it is possible to tap line outputs and amp on/off switching from the back of the NTG4 Command system that is installed in the W204 ? The sound quality from these units are really poor and it is begging for an external amp. Is that possble ? I really don't...
  3. M

    E280 audio outputs

    Hi Guys I am hoping to be able to fit a sub woofer to my car and I am wondering if any one can tell me where the audio amplifier is located. The car is a 56 plate E280 sport and is fitted with the audio 20 system and I am not sure if there is a separate amp for this system or if it is integral...
  4. D

    Varying X500 engine outputs?

    Hi Just done a quick trawl through various threads here but so far no joy. The question (I hope) is relatively simple. Whilst in the stealers the other day waiting for the Nav unit to be replaced I was reading the various literatures on the MB models and saw some large differences in engine...
  5. chillo

    CL55 power outputs

    i'm thinking about a 2nd hand cl55 as i think they could are a very good buy after its initial depreciation hit. I know Mercedes were quoting power as about 476bhp before getting a rap across the knuckles and having to declare its true figure which is about 500bhp. :rock: My question is...
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