1. H

    Best way to sell car with outstanding finance

    Hello everyone, I have a high spec C350e that I would like to sell mainly to get out of the finance agreement as it's starting to be a bit too expensive for ourselves. The issue is that there is outstanding finance on it which makes it difficult to sell privately. (and I'm the worse...
  2. steve333

    Outstanding finance

    Hi all,a dealer has a car my wife is interested in and after asking all the usual questions before arranging to view and test drive the dealer explained he is selling the car for a friends wife who's owned from new(63 plate) and she owes £6 k on finance to mb which will be cleared by the dealer...
  3. BlackC55

    Outstanding Mercedes Benz SL500 - 1997

    1997 SL500 Cabriolet fitted with a 5-litre Quad Cam 119 V8 engine. This particular car is in immaculate condition, having had four very careful owners, and has one of the best engines Mercedes Benz has ever made. The 500 SL R129 was at its best for the years 1996, 1997 and 1998, as these were...
  4. P

    Outstanding finance on used Merc

    Hi all. Just put down a deposit with a main Mitsubishi dealer on a 11 plate merc c class estate. Have just come up against one obstacle though. I am buying from a main mitsubishi dealer who said they had completed all HPI checks however when i went home and did my own RAC HPI check it comes up...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Buying a Car with Outstanding Finance

    Found a car im interested in, the seller told me from the start of the call that £8k was outstanding on it, once I bought the car he would ring them up & tell them it has a new owner etc. What is the panels experience/thoughts on this - should I avoid like the plaque or nothing to worry...
  6. D

    Outstanding Customer Service

    Let's have a positive thread - we can do it! Bought the child a Cookie dog after Christmas. Here's a picture It was a favourite on the bed, so spent a lot of time switched off. A couple of weeks ago we discovered it would not turn on. Went to change the battery to discover one of the...
  7. salesac1

    W202 front & split-folding rear seats in outstanding condition

    My W202 saloon cloth seats now on eBay - fantastic bargain for someone :)
  8. 300CE

    Outstanding 1993 W124 MERCEDES 200TE AUTO Estate, 28 service stamps,all old MOTs

    Outstanding 1993 W124 MERCEDES 200TE AUTO Estate, 28 service stamps,all old MOTs | eBay
  9. brucemillar

    Affordable housing on Greenbelt land in Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    Hi Has anybody had experience or involvement of opposing development of Affordable Housing? If yes. Please could you PM me. I am looking for some advice and maybe some of your experiences. Regards Bruce
  10. C

    Outstanding Finance on a used car

    Hello All, I've seen a car I like and am thinking of buying it. However the car still has outstanding finance on it, which is about the value of the car. So I was wondering what is the best way to proceed? I am thinking I will pay the outstanding amount to the finance company that way I know...
  11. T

    Outstanding Tyre Duration

    Hi, Happy New Year to all. Had to replace rear tyres over Xmas, put on Falken 452s, removed Mechelin Primacies. Checked receipt for the Michelins and they had done 48k Miles. Just could not believe it.
  12. carnut

    Great Drives! - Area of outstanding Natural Beauty

    Following on from my day out ( see thread - Country Lanes) I thought it would be nice if we could share great drives in the country to let others know where the Driving Pleasure still exists: 1.The Country road I took was just before Andover from the west on the A303 to Hungerford across...
  13. W

    outstanding vw golf mk2 gti

  14. SimonsMerc

    George Fraser - Outstanding!

    So, just over a week ago, my car (2000/W E320CDI Elegance Estate - Zircon Green, not silver!) suddenly lost power at 80 miles per hour on a dual carriageway. I'd hit the gas, and it just wouldn't go forward - slowed down to 40, 30, then pulled over. Couldn't work out what was wrong, so I...
  15. KLP 92

    HELP!! I bought a merc with outstanding finance on it!!

    I purchased a S600 on the 1st of march this year. It came in at a good price but needed a few bodywork bits done to it. I had the car AA data checked at time of purchase to check if it had been written off of had any outstanding finance on the car. I was told that everything was ok. After 2...
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