1. brucemillar

    W124 gearbox overfill?

    Friends. My mate Dave wanted know if the 300te auto box can drop atf "if" over filled? Does it have a breather where it could push excess atf out.
  2. M

    w211 e270 little overfill power steering fluid

    Hi guys. Today I opened the cap of the power steering reservoir and fluid was low. I didn`t realised thet it was morning - 10 C and and engine stone cold...:wallbash: I topped up the fluid to the max when hot...:wallbash: I really don`t want to open the engine cover again...it`s really bad?...or...
  3. 1

    7G overfill

    I put my car into mercedes today for 7g auto box oil and filter change today and the muppets overfilled it to the point of it all spewing out the breather on the way home. I returned to the dealer who drained some off but now I don't know if the level is high or low. I will be returning on...
  4. camerontyler

    Oil Overfill Issue

    Hello all, long time no post! 2 days ago I put my beloved W203 C220 CDI into kwik-fit for an oil change. The car isn't due a service for a good while but I thought I would, as a good will gesture for being good over the winter, give the car a fresh load of oil. I confirmed with them on the...
  5. Dave Lewis

    ATF overfill

    W124 E280, 722.433 transmission: I've just done a long hot run at motorway speeds (the first long run since having the ATF changed by an independent 'specialist'), and had the dreaded smokescreen behind me on the M5. I pulled over, the underneath of the car was streaked with ATF. I pulled into...
  6. S

    E320 cdi Engine oil overfill

    The owners manual for this car, (6cyl inline) says that should the engine oil be accidently overfilled one should go to MB, where a technician will syphon or draw off the excess oil from above My question to others out there with experience is, where on the engine can the syphon tube be...
  7. andreas_t

    Can Oil Overfill damage MAS Sensor

    Folks, I'm after a bit of advice. I have a 2001 E220 CDI (82K miles) which seems to be demonstrating all the problems of a failed MAS sensor (very sluggish off the mark when cold, rattly when hot or cold). I am about to take it to the dealer for a check (and bad news). I am however wondering...
  8. KillerHERTZ

    CLK oil overfill

    Brother topped up his oil on his '99 CLK 320, he did not overfill & it was below the MAX level. Upon driving, it says 'Oil overfill, drain oil' on his dash display. As hes now on the Motorway and cannot do this, is anything likely to happen?
  9. PeterG

    Engine oil overfill

    Hi Guys Luckily it is not my car but my sister seeing the oil light come on in her Nissan Micra decided to empty 4.5 ltrs into the the little engine. The car was then driven for about 100 miles and she contacted me as it was driving a bit lumpy. I immeadiately drained the excess oil to...
  10. Satch

    Near miss on possible oil overfill

    Back from a journmey of 400 miles yesterday and decided to check oil level on E320 Cdi as I have not put a drop in since new. Waited a couple of hours and sure enough "add 1 litre." Did that three times. Same result. But mindful of tales of woe on this forum, waited until this morning and...
  11. Jono_1001

    Oil overfill warning light

    I have an SL320 (R129) and the oil overfill light came on the other night whilst driving home. I have had the car about 4 weeks and not touched under the bonnet apart from checking the oil level, about 4 weeks ago (all fine). I read the manual :eek: and it said leave the engine to cool for 5...
  12. marcos

    Oil Overfill?

    I checked the oil last at the weekend using the buttons on the dashboard and it said to add an extra 1 liter of oil. I did and now as I'm driving it flashes warnings telling me I have excess oil and to remove some. If it is overfilled at all it can't be by much so how much damage could this...
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