1. R

    SL R129 overfilled engine oil

    1994 M104 I've managed to overfill my engine oil M104 engine by about 1/2 ltr (early 104 engines were 7.5 ltrs I'm guessing this was a later 7ltr capacity) :doh: Should I drain 1/2ltr out? or just let it burn off naturally? I've a long trip to do on Friday
  2. ming

    Oil overfilled

    Occasionally my recently serviced SL 500 declares it has been overfilled with oil I stop on the motorway, turn off the engine and the message goes away Any advice Please!..
  3. 0ptic

    C32 gearbox overfilled.

    Hi All When I bought the C32 (from small independent garage) I asked that the autobox fluid and filter be replaced. They did this and apart from the torque converter lockup thing that everyone of these appears to have it's been OK. As the weather has got colder recently though, I have started...
  4. B

    Overfilled ATF fluid on 722.6 transmission - is it a problem?

    Hello, I (more or less) followed these wonderful directions about how to change the ATF fluid on my 1997 E420. I bought 9 quarts of ATF fluid, and while the oil was draining out of the left cooler pipe (after removing the banjo bolt) I was adding oil to the tranny pan so that oil would come of...
  5. steve333

    engine oil overfilled

    Almost had a heart attack this morning,collected my cls500 saturday & after starting the car this morning the engine management light came on(car was ticking over/running ok so i gingerly dropped the mrs to work & drove home).An hour after calling mb mobilo the technician turned up & after...
  6. BenzComander

    Engine Oil overfilled

    Start the car as normal, and drive for approximately 10 minutes. Then get a warning in the dash saying Engine Oil overfull :crazy: First time it happened I nearly had a heart attack :eek: so stopped and checked the oil and everything was fine. Oil registered on the dipstick just under...
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