1. nickjonesn4

    AMG overload

    Fun morning at Eurocharged getting a small fix done on my car. Some very serious machinery in there today. Will post some pics later. Any forum members cars in there at the minute?
  2. K

    W124 e200 Odd's'n'Sod's For Sale

    W124 Indicator/Wiper Stalk, slight fading on one of the arrow symbols. Part No: 124 545 02 24 £15 W124 Febi Front Anti-Rollbar Bushes X2, unused FEBI Part No: 17680 624 £5 W124 Febi Front Anti-Rollbar Bushes X2, unused FEBI Part No: 17678 624 £5 W124 Overload Relay Part No: 201 540 3245...
  3. T

    1994 E220 Coupe Overload Relay Wiring

    Hi I new to this forum and looking for a bit of info and help on an electrical issue I 'm having. At the overload relay there is a black 'plug' attached to it, which has 9 pins (in my car 7 of these pins are in use, other 2 have no wire attached.) Could anyone tell me what is the wire...
  4. poormansporsche

    Carbon Overload .......

    Dunno what to make of this at all really, I think I quite like it :) For sale: Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - JamesList
  5. G

    W124 Transmission overload protection switch

    Has anybody out there ever changed the transmission overload protection switch on a W124 E280. I'll be changing mine at the weekend and wondered if there are any pitfalls to look out for.
  6. McGreggor

    Bling Overload!

    Whilest out a few weeks ago, I came across this monstrosity! Yes, gold handles and gold centre caps for the wheels... mmmmm. It also had the rear star, kompressor and model badges in gold..
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