1. D

    Mercedes ml270 radio turns itself on overnight !

    Help needed ! Take keys out of ignition ,radio goes off . Go to car in the morning radio is on and airbag light is on ! Lucky not to have flattened battery . Intermittent problem has happened 3 times in 3 weeks ! If I turn radio off with button on radio before take keys out this doesn't happen...
  2. jonnyboy

    overnight hotel recommendation nr Strasbourg/Mulhouse area please?

    Learned friends. Been driving to Italy for 25 years so very experienced. Used to do in one hit. Not for the last five years or so!! Have stayed at the Holiday Inn, Mulhouse each time. Wondering about a slight change for the way back - somewhere in that region roughly as it is around halfway...
  3. zoros

    SL55 settling unevenly overnight query?

    SL55 AMG, 2002, 50k miles. ABC pump no leaks, no noises. Fluid still clear and green. Car 'sags' unevenly all round but predominantly down on the offside overnight. No captions on start up and drives well. Can I correctly assume that there are valve block sticking - issues? If so which one and...
  4. Conquistador

    Number plate stolen overnight!!

    Noticed this morning when glancing at my car before travelling to work that some little bahstard ripped my number plate off during the night :mad::mad: Only the front plate was taken and it was held on by super sticky pads and the car was facing away from my house. Reported it to the police...
  5. I

    Overnight parking in Chelsea

    Anyone know of a cheap & safe place near the Royal Marsden?
  6. neilz

    W124 petrol turned into a diesel overnight?

    I have two engine faults I have no idea about 1) Often makes tapping sounds when starts for first 5 seconds (not tappets) and when the car starts and the engine revs a tiny bit up for a second or two (as usual on a car?) it is accompanied by a fast soft tapping 2) Makes tapping sound like...
  7. Tyler Durden

    Spring snapped overnight!!!

    Just over a week ago I came out to get into my car, this is what I was faced with... Yep, a spring had snapped overnight! Really don't know how this could happen with it just sitting there (but i'm glad it did rather than with me hooning along). Bought some uprated Eibach springs and had...
  8. W

    Overnight Parking

    Hello, could you please provide any pearls of wisdom on an issue that has been bugging me? Until I have finished building my house I cant really practically park my W210 E320 CDI Estate in my garage so I really have only 2 choices for overnight parking and was wondering which is a better idea...
  9. B

    Using a car cover for the winter when outside overnight?

    With the weather change anyone got any views or recommendations as to using a car cover to avoid the usual snow and frost etc on the cherished E320 - wifie has the garage:mad: for her slk! thanks
  10. pammy

    Poll for Clumber gtg - Overnight stay

    Please vote only if you are staying over.
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