1. T

    manual override roof

    Hello, Cant seem to find anything about pulling roof up manually if something goes wrong? Slk r171
  2. M

    1998 c180 classic auto. sthuck in manual override!

    Hey. I bought a s reg c180 classic (1.8 petrol) a few weeks back and I am loving it. However last night as I got home the car would not leave the manual override parition of the gearbox. So ofcorse the engine will not start and I can not sellect park. Only 1st 2nd 3rd 4th. Please help me out if...
  3. edgejedi

    Dude! Wheres my MB alarm immobiliser override?

    I was given a pretty looking small key with a white top when I bought my ML, which having had one similar before on previous BMs Ive owned I assume to be the alarm immobiliser override key for when the car goes in for service, etc. Only one problem. Not sure where to find the alarm on my ML...
  4. G

    manual override

    hey ppl is there a manual override function for autobox on 2006 C180K classic?
  5. bennesspipers

    W202 C220 override

    According to the MB alarm brochure my car MIGHT have an override keyswitch located in the PASSENGER COMPARTMENT , anyone know where that would be ? I know there's one on the back of the alarm but all that does is switch off the auxiliary alarm battery. :wallbash:
  6. C

    Luxury climate (W211): possible to override rear temperature controls?

    Would anyone know: is it possible to override the rear temperature controls from the front, with luxury climate on a W211? Would be a bit of a pain to have the kids fiddling around turning them up to 11, etc :)
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