1. 46thedoctor

    Bilstein B16 coil overs with H&R 10mm spacers

    Sorry if this may have been covered before but couldn't find the answer. As above I've got hold of sone b16s for my 2013 C63. I have the 19" multi spokes, do you guys know if I'll get away with 10mm H&R spacers front and rear, I'm running stock tyre sizes with conti tyres. Any help would be...
  2. E

    Sl55 coil overs.

    Is there any possibility that there is a coil over mod on the 55?just in case the abc throws it's hand in!
  3. philsy2k

    FREE left overs

    Going down the dump tomorow if knowone wants it, This is stuff left over from my interior as i sold the seats with wiring, door cards and headrests to PEPE. I dont think anyone will need this stuff but if anyone does they can have it for nothing because its just going to get thrown out. C36...
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