1. D

    Advice, elderly parent ill overseas

    Bearing in mind we have members with wide life experiences. I've had a call from my Mum's friend this afternoon, they are on holiday in Tenerife and Mum is in intensive care having blood transfusions. She was breathless and they called a doctor who admitted her to hospital, her haemoglobin...
  2. K

    Sat Nav and DAB overseas?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what work is required if I were to take my car from the UK to Australia in terms of being able to use the Sat nav and DAB there? Is it just a matter of getting someone to change the maps to Australian one for Sat nav? Will DAB/FM/AM radio just work? How expensive...
  3. ash59fifty-uk

    Overseas work- pay percentage

    Anyone have any information on working overseas? Scenario: IHM Surveys on vessels above 500 tonnes and oil rigs, wether static, live, towed on way to decommission, docked etc Our company says there's a certain percentage of our wage paid extra that is higher but depending on which country we...
  4. Blue Moon

    Greetings from overseas

    Hi all, greetings from overseas ;) Well, it is an island, so technically I am overseas :) I have been a BMW owner of long standing; M3 x 2, X3, 328i Sport, 325i Sport, and pre-recession Porsche 911SC, 993 and 3.0RS race car. My current mode of transport is a 2002 M3 SMG with lots of toys. I...
  5. Charles Morgan

    Insurance for overseas visitors - short term cover

    A friend (a Singaporean resident in the UK) who is joining me on a wine trip to France (along with 6 others) in May has a brother joining him from Singapore for the trip. He has a clean Singapore licence. Unfortunately my friend's insurers aren't willing to consider cover, so does anybody know...
  6. Pringles

    Selling a car to an overseas buyer.

    I would be grateful for advice from anyone who has sold a car to an overseas buyer. I am aware of the well documented scams but I would like to know how others would expect to receive payment in the most secure way from a buyer from abroad? Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. K

    Any recommendation for supplier of MB Parts to overseas customer (Thailand)

    I'm undertaking a restoration project for my MB e220 a124 Cabriolet. I need to source a lot of parts. I would therefore would like to ask the club member to suggest me the part supplier that is willing to send the part oversea to Thailand with tracking postal service and does except PayPal...
  8. Tan

    Accident with a overseas registered vehicle

    Hi Unfortunately my wife has been involved in a car accident today, our car was hit by a lorry. Thankfully nobody was injured as the accident was more of a severe scrape than direct impact. I have not seen the car yet, but from what I have been told, the damage is doors, wing mirror, from...
  9. Sir Old Golfer

    Overseas Classic car Insurance

    Anyone know of an Insurance company who will give cover for a car based In Tenerife with Classic car Insurance its a 25 year old SL with around 5k year mileage.. Any Leads will help as here in Tenerife they seem to want more for their premiums as its an old car .............:(
  10. N

    overseas newbie member here

    hey guys, i googled w129 500SL forums and got this site :D anyways, i'm in Brunei and i've got a w129 with some convertible hydraulic issues. they're leaking :confused: well the ones in the rear are. i went to the local benz dealership here (only one here in brunei) and they're selling...
  11. S

    Insurance (not from Overseas Call centre if pos) suggestions

    Good afternoon All! Just bought a W124 320 Coupe (1993), really nice looking car, drives fine etc will post more when I have had time to look at it. Bit of an impulse as already have a V220 (mine) and Golf 4motion (wife), it was just too good to miss and I have liked this, and the CL's for...
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