1. M

    C207 - ovp

    Hi all forumers, Wanted to ask if my car an E250 C207 2012 has a Overvoltage protection relay and if yes can someone let me know where its located. The local dealer does not seem to know what I'm talking about. Tq all Mark
  2. J

    At the end of my tether with OVP circuit!

    I have been having problems with my OVP circuit on my 89 w124 230e and I have just about reached my limit and hear is being removed from my scalp in a timely manner! When I first got the car being so excited I never noticed that the only dashboard lights on start up were parking brake and ABS...
  3. J

    How to open a OVP socket 89 w124 230e?

    Mercedes list the OVP Socket minus pins and also list the pins minus the socket so you must be able to split it open How do you get inside the plug? My OVP Issues are back again and playing with the wires eventually tends to solve it I am guessing dry solder joint on socket or female...
  4. E

    R129 OVP relay - Come out come out wherever you are...

    If you've seen my other threads, you know that the R129 I've acquired has running problems. Terry at Wayne Gates suggested that as the car has had plenty of jump starting, checking the OVP relay/Base Module would be a good next step. As usual, I can't find it on WIS... Worse, I can't find...
  5. F

    C280 (1997 W202) Fuses in OVP board

    Can anyone tell me what the 6 fuses in the OVP board protect? Many thanks. Steve
  6. smurgewurfler

    R129 OVP access

    I was trying to check the OVP on a 1996 R129 320 and was told it is in the box by the n/s bonnet hinge. Question is, how do you get to the torxx at the back - the cover has 6 of them and the back 2 are under the scuttle with only an inch or so headroom. Any ideas? Special tool?
  7. balge

    W124 OVP number

    Can anyone confirm part number for OVP relay K1/2 ('92 300TD) I have p/n A2015403745 Also are there any variations e.g. are petrol/Diesel ones different Are the single fuse obsolete/old stock replaced by twin fuse type? Or are they interchangeable?
  8. V

    W124 OVP Help please

    Could anyone explain the workings of the OVP in relation to the fuel pump relay please. My 1995 W124 e220 always starts on the button until yesterday..... When I turned on the ignition I didn't hear the fuel pump prime and I think, but may be mistaken, that the dash warning lights were slightly...
  9. ricky300ce

    Ovp relay 300ce snd mas

    can any body help and tell me the difference in these parts and numbers on the front as whenever I order one they send ones with some numbers different will this effect the running properly of my car thanks Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  10. ricky300ce

    No fuel 300ce new ovp

    Hi can any one help had no priming noise from pumps so changed ovp relay and mas but still no fuel the parts numbers on ovp and mas are not the same will this make a difference pumps prime now but still no fuel at engine? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  11. S

    Correct OVP relay code? - 95 W124 E200T

    Hello, I am in need of some advice, please. I want to order a new OVP relay, and am looking for the correct code for my car. The one I currently have installed is 2015403845, it's a single fuse. I can only guess the previous owner got it from a junked W201?... From what I understand, the...
  12. I

    s reg 320 CLK - Ovp?

    Hi guys. My friend has this 320 CLK that apparently had some welding done and the welder didn't disconnect the battery before he started. It's been hard to start since then and there are warning lights on. I'm familiar with older MB cars so I'm a bit stumped looking under the bonnet of this...
  13. 230K

    Wanted OVP relay

    Hi Has anyone a working OVP relay kicking about that they could pop in a jiffy bag and post to me for ££££ Current one is A2015403245 7 pin and it is a 1993 124 diesel and working intermittently. Thanks, 230k
  14. Max_London

    W124 engine cutting out/no starting - possible OVP relay ?

    Hello everybody ! my name is Max , please to meet you all I found the forum very interesting , with a lot of people with great knowledge and experience ! I was trying to do some research , but I couldn't find the answers that I need to understand the problem with my car I hope maybe some of...
  15. W

    190 2.3 Cosworth OVP relay

    Is there any way to test the OVP relay, mine keeps blowing the 10A fuse and so far I can't find the short on the wiring.
  16. S

    OVP Relay Fuse

    Hi Iv just bought a 1994 200ce that has been standing for 4+ years. It wont start but its nearly there. I think the fuel pump has chucked it but reading some archive threads I thought I would check the some relays. The 10amp fuse had blown on the OVP relay so I replaced and still no start...
  17. E200CT

    OVP Experience

    Sorry to resurrect this age old topic as I'm relatively new to these ere forums and thought I would give others who have a problem with their abs system light some information on how I fixed it. Back in Feb, my abs light came on and I thought oh MOT failure if I can't suss out the problem. So...
  18. M

    OVP RELAY 190 2.5 Cosworth

    Just posting this for info. I had problems starting the car (took an age and ran rough). Also the ABS light was on continuously. I removed the 2 10 amp fuses on top of the OVP relay (located behind the battery with clear glass cover). I replaced with new fuses and problem solved. :)
  19. smile

    Another W124 ABS problem

    Hi guys, First of all my apologies for posting up yet another thread about this, I know there's quite a few of them because I've been reading through plenty trying to solve my problem. I've got an intermittent fault with the ABS light coming on, been this way for almost 2 years now but...
  20. T

    ML270 OVP relay

    Hello all, Does anyone know if these cars have an ovp and where it is located? thanks trevor
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