1. OCD BAL

    Finally! Got my delivery date for my GLC43 AMG SUV - Any other owners or prospective

    Finally, after waiting 7 weeks since ordering, I've received my delivery date for my GLC43 AMG. It's late November and I'm really looking forward to it! What surprises me is the fact that I still haven't seen any on the road as yet! I live in Surrey/South London borders - Are there any owners or...
  2. BIRMA

    Private Lounge AMG owners meeting Brooklands

    I thought I'd just post this if anyone is interested, originally it was being held on the 3rd September which I couldn't make but have been informed it's on the 10th September now.
  3. E

    EO12 soc - Previous owners

    Hi I have recently bought the above car but the service record is missing, its had one main dealer service in 2013 the rest would be independant, the last owner has had it since new and just wondering if any one recognises this Any help would be much appreciated
  4. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve
  5. AngryDog

    Owners manual?

    Does anyone have, or know where I can buy the correct owners manual for my W211 E55 please? Thanks.
  6. G

    AMG owners - We need your help!

    Hello there, I am a research manager at GiPA UK and we are currently carrying out a survey on car manufacturers’ performance lines in Europe. We are now recruiting keen Mercedes-Benz AMG fans / club members who are willing in providing us with their insights into this market and their car...
  7. Petrol Pete

    A call out to all C55 owners

    A call out to all C55 AMG owners (W203 2006 Estate if possible) PLEASE take a photo of your rear brake disc calliper (thru the spokes will be enough) and post it or PM me. My dilemma is posted on this forum under 'Wheels, tyres suspension brakes etc' in the Maintenance section. This is...
  8. Brashy

    WANTED: CLK 02-06 Owners handbook.

    I am after the owners handbook for an 02-06 CLK w209, specifically the 270 CDI but I think the handbooks cover all variants. Ideally with the wallet and other books intact. Regards Danny.
  9. B

    Hello fellow MB owners!

    Hi. Bought my first MB yesterday- B200, SE CDI Auto, 2005. Silver. Only 57000 miles as the owner was an elderly gent who bought if from new, never did much miles. In fact only did 7000 in the last two years. All very nice and unused, very smooth and quiet and comfortable. One question though-...
  10. ash59fifty-uk

    Any RC owners? Cars/trucks/other RC vehicles

    Haven't seen many threads about it all so I thought I'd ask, also wouldn't mind some recommendations Purchased for my sons birthday last week an FTX Siege, had battery problems and a bent rear inner lower suspension pin so far but so good! Plenty of spare parts available It's had me looking...
  11. B

    Owners Manual E 270 2005 Avantgarde.

    Hi looking for an owners manual for my Wifes 2.7 E Class 2005. Thanks' Bill.
  12. A

    R107 owners please help!!

    https://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/bodywork/224357-r107-roof-tonneau-flap.html Many thanks in advance
  13. Uky

    C207 - owners - A little corrosion check...

    If you own a C207, it could be worth mentioning that the two plastic covers on each side of the boot lid may hide some not-so-nice-things. Open the Boot lid, the using a side cutter GENTLY pull out the four plastic rivets. Then using your fingers, gently pull out the remaining rubber rivets...
  14. Makdissy

    A124 cabrio owners manual book part number please??!!

    Hello guys I've been searching for a pre face 124 cabrio owners manual for few years with no luck so far. If anyone can provide me with part number that would be great, it's got to be a preface model ( it's called owners supplement book ) I think, it just explains about the roof and the roll...
  15. splitpin

    Any current W211 E500 owners ?

    I am considering a basic W211 E500 to run as a daily driver. Does any member have this particular model ? :dk: I am not interested in E55/AMG or later models for my purpose. :thumb:
  16. S

    1999 E55 28,000 miles, 2 owners

    Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers - Ref 163 1999 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG No connection with seller etc
  17. I

    Any C218 CLS owners?

    Looking to replace my CLS55 with a newer C218 CLS350 or a CLS500 which are pretty rare. Just wondering if the 4.7 V8 is worth an extra £5k and probably 6 months of searching for the right one? Lots of toys to play with of course and it's a V8 but I could buy a 350 tomorrow as there are plenty of...
  18. D

    C Class owners only......

    Have any C Class owners had confirmation from MB that their car will be covered by the 'tyre change' program to address the crabbing issue. I have spoken to MB CS and they said that the C Class was not covered and were very reluctant to speak about the issue in general!! Noticed on the...
  19. B

    C207 E250 coupe owners

    In 2013 I was looking to change from a troublesome BMW530d and one day called into a Mercedes Dealership (never having owned a Merc) and saw an E250 coupe with a panoramic roof. Well it was love at first sight. The salesman handed me the keys and told me to take it for a drive… I was just...
  20. R

    Useful for CL owners...

    ...who may be thinking of removing the hydraulic suspension: https://mbworld.org/forums/cl-class-w215/658870-coding-out-abc-intercooler-pump-more.html
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