1. Y

    Hi, New member and new to Merc ownership

    Hi. I'm new to the forum having recently bought a W639 2011 Vito for transporting bikes to and from rides/races etc. As per usual with me, the intention was initially to just have it as a workhorse and although look after and regularly service it, not get carried away with working on...
  2. H

    Not new to Mercs, But new to ownership

    Hi Guys and Girls, My Names Chris and I have finally lost my Merc Owners Virginity and ended up with a 2003 W203 C200 Kompressor in Silver. She has a few Body work issues but nothing that cant be fixed over time. Its Avantgarde Spec and only has 86000 on the clocks. My wife has owned a...
  3. P

    R231 - SL 350/400 - ownership experience.

    Hi all, its been a while and I haven't owned an MB since my GL was sold back in 2010! I am at the early stages of looking for a new car and want a roadster, preferably with metal hard top. In the running is a Z4, but have also started looking at the R231 SL - the SLK/C is a little too small...
  4. Fidge

    Newbie to both this forum and MB ownership.

    Hi, my name is Steve AKA Fidge. I'm from Sandwell in the West Midlands. I've just brought my first Mercedes-Benz it's a 2013/14 C180 Coupe with the AMG Sports Plus package in Diamond White Metallic. It's only done 18k miles. My previous car was a Mazda RX8 PZ which I'd owned for 6 years and...
  5. RossMB

    One month into E55k ownership...

    And the world is a beautiful place. OK the good points first. I use the car pretty much every day and it makes my life just a bit more colourful! It's incredibly comfortable, well equipped and actually a very practical, sensible (I know lol) family car. People seem a lot more aware of what...
  6. G

    E55 'to do' during new ownership phase

    Hi guys, So I'm still new here and recently bought an E55 AMG W210. The car is great and I've done nearly 400 miles in it already, just wafting around. I'm looking for a little gentle advise with regards to new ownership of these cars, what should be done to prolong life of the mechanical...
  7. Wigglesworth

    New to MB ownership and this forum.

    I will keep this short and sweet! Got a great 58k miles w202 and have fell in love with it. Joined the forum to help with keeping up to date with maintaining the car and troubleshooting! So yeah, Hi all
  8. ph47mf

    3 months into my E-class ownership

    ...and it's been a wonderful experience so far. 3000 miles and I still look back at the car after I've parked it. Sometimes parking alongside 5-series and A6 and I just think my god, how blend are these cars?! It's built like a tank but sadly as slow as one too :D However I noticed a...
  9. tron

    A first year of Mercedes ownership reviewed.

    The 250TD S202 I bought last March has needed a new water pump at 155000 miles, a couple of bulbs, a wiper blade, and a set of plastic pipes and injector seals. In 12000 busy miles, that is not bad for a busy car that has shifted furniture and building materials from here to France several...
  10. T

    First wash in my ownership

    Well, finally got a chance today to give the car a good wash since picking it up on Wednesday. I must say it scrubbed up well considering the moss that was growing in all the trim etc.
  11. B

    Hi All - New to MB ownership

    Hello to All!!! I have recently joined this forum and also planning to purchase a new S class (w222). Just wanted to touch base with other s class owners to know about common issues i should be aware of, options that i could avoid as they are not of much use thereby reducing cost price of...
  12. Ajay Bhatoa

    3 weeks into ownership problems!

    Hey guys, Had my car about 3 weeks and for the last week it's been in the garage because the panoramic roof will not open! They've changed the control motor and still it's getting stuck.. Now they're saying it all needs fully replacing. Is this common? Also what are my rights. An almost 20k...
  13. E

    W211 E55 AMG - 1st Year of Ownership

    Today marks the 1 year annaversary for me and my E55 AMG I brought the car after having sold my E60 M5 5ltr V10. So in this year of owner ships i have had the following work carried out; Torque Converter and gearbox rebuild - £1200 heater duo valve replacement - £300 engine mounts £150...
  14. Andrew W

    Cls55 ownership

    So in 2 months of my cls ownership I've had to Have A new battery New S/C cooling pump (to be fitted ) New parking sensors x4 (to be fitted) New rear air shocks x2 ( to be fitted ) 4x continental 5ps fitted . Phew ;)
  15. A

    First week of ownership

    First week of ownership of our little C180 Komp is over and couldnt be happier. Im more than happy with the perfotmance of the tiny 1.6, and it is so quiet and smooth without a single rattle anywhere, which is not always the case as im starting to reslise the more i read on here lol Thanks to...
  16. MOR8A

    Info on A45 AMG ownership please.

    Hi there, if you own an A45 AMG and you would like to share some stuff about it and your ownership experience, please enter much typing below. Many thanks in advance.
  17. Crazyfool

    Well at least it wasnt after the second day of ownership

    This time...But my wife has hit a kerb again! I'm conscious when the garage was trying to sell me the alloy wheel cover, they advised the wheel would be replaced rather than repaired because it's diamond cut. What's the verdict; repairable or replace?
  18. D

    New to Mercedes ownership

    Morning, Picked up a 12 plate 250cdi coupe. Over the moon with it and looking forward to a good few years ownership!!!
  19. V12

    Real World Ownership of a W220

    Inspired by a thread on Pistonheads where the owner of a T124 reveals the true cost of running one, I thought i'd share some of my experience of living with a W220 and what it really costs. Buying First off, let it be known that i'm in the motor trade and generations before me have also...
  20. Cyclone1

    CLS55 AMG 5 Days of Ownership

    So then, I've had the CLS55 for five days.......you can do a lot in 5 days... Like..... Drive a thousand miles :eek: Clean the intake system :D Fit new air filters :D Fit new IC Pump :D Fit new SC Pulley :D Have the car remapped :rock: Jump for joy lol :D Fit rear...
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