1. J

    new, soon to be merc owning member

    Hi all Thought I would join up as I am committing myself to buying a W126 in the next few months. Looking to get help with specialists in SW London, buyers guides etc and some friendly advice which I can already see is in abundance here. Looking forward to learning a bit before taking...
  2. MikeInWimbledon

    CL600 - do ex-owners regret owning or selling?

    My SL500 and E500 S211 are coming up to 50k and 60k miles respectively, and now that the kids have left home, I'm being nagged to rationalise to one vehicle - and I fancy a mid-noughties W215 CL500 or bi-turbo CL600. Can ex-owners tell me whether it would be a mistake to go for a V12 CL600...
  3. HHamster

    3.5 years of owning a C63 PPP

    Hi guys, First time post and it's only taken me 3.5 years to get round to it. Thought I'd say hello and share some of my ownership experiences over my time with the C63. Had the car from new, it's a 2012 C63 saloon in Magnetite Black with PPP, LSD, AMG performance suspension (is that a...
  4. Giantvanman

    Tell me about owning a Range Rover..

    …or do you have another large 4x4 recommendation? Dependant on cost, it could be new or second hand but I will buy as new as I can afford…nothing older than say four or five years old. In a nutshell, a Range Rover has been my Top Trump number one vehicle for about forty years but have always...
  5. K

    Mercedes CL55 AMG - buying & owning advice please

    I have always loved the CL 2nd generation 99-06 and the prices have now fallen to the ridiculuos... I already have a very reliable '90 E190 2.5D and want to supplement my garage with a true AMG... So, want to get one within the next 3-6 months. Have read in the forums that the pre-facelift is...
  6. Felstmiester

    Do you get wrongly judged on the road for owning an amg

    I've been reading through the pros and cons of owning an amg post and it made me think. Does anyone else feel that they're wrongly judged sometimes by other road users when driving there amg? Although I don't get chance to drive the c63 on a daily basis as I'm in my van most of the time to...
  7. R

    New to Forums & New to mercedes owning - HELP PLEASE

    Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place, new to this forum and new to Mercedes ownership. i have just purchased my 1st MB, its a 1990 C180 estate, 1.8 petrol auto. its a classic model, has air con, fog lights front & rear, cruise control, electric windows all round. Which i believe...
  8. kianok

    Fancy owning a BTCC car?

  9. O

    Does owning a Merc open a can of worms

    My house was burgled last Saturday whilst we were out shopping..it appears that considering how the person who carried out this act that I could have been watched and targeted..my question is does owning a Merc attract the wrong type of attension to yourself and property ? I was seriously...
  10. I

    New to owning MB

    Hi all - just purchsed my first MB; CLK 320 Elegance - fantastic motor, can't stop grinning; nice metallic blue, roof down in the sun on the south coast over the weekend - fantastic! :thumb:
  11. s4rap

    joy of owning a clk430

    best weekend weather wise here in bolton out all weekend in my clk430 collected a speeding ticket yesterday going over belmont sneaky motorbike cop on plain white bike,up early this morning wash and polish just parked car up and then had to move it,all normal lights are on dash but battery wont...
  12. smoothrider

    now owning: a golden hued 300 SE W126

    its in great nick, but would love to hear from fellow owner what you do to take care of yours!!
  13. B

    Owning a Petrol Station ?

    The quote below is taken from the Guardian website on an article about the HMRC refusing to put up the mileage allowance from 45 ppm. "I pay 35 pence a litre for 4 star and have paid that for over 3 years now and before that 30 p for about the previous 8 or 10 yars. I dont pay any duty or vat...
  14. The Boss

    what does it mean to own a mercedes today vs owning a mercedes in the past

    im confused... what does it ACTUALLY mean to own a mercedes today opposed to in the past.. i keep banging on about historical quality and brand etc etc heritage grill blah blah.. but what about the essence of what Mercedes "The Brand" means to you and how is it perceived by the Jones!
  15. IanT

    W210 pre or post facelift - differences in owning them

    W210 pre or post facelift? I've got an adequate pile of money burning a hole now I've sold my old car. I'm pretty settled on a W210 as the replacement, having owned a 2001 E220CDI Avantgarde about three years ago and a C250 diesel a few years before that. This time I'd like some more...
  16. bigbobs cl

    Owning a CL500...................

    Had my CL for a couple of months now so thought i`d post my opinions and bit of a review on it, may be usefull to any potential buyers! My last car was a Nissan Skyline GTR33, bought as totally standard and a UK car (there were only 100 official UK ones). After about 6 months i wanted more...
  17. ckember

    Owning a Car abroad

    If you thought owning a car in the UK was exspensive check this out http://www.contactsingapore.org.sg/overseas/moving_gettingaround_buyingacar.shtml The coe (certificate of entiltlement) bands currently cost Cat A $ 5,200 = 1800gbp Cat B $ 6,002 = 2070gbp Cat C $ 1...
  18. S

    Can owning your MERC become a spiritual experience?

    Can owning your MERC become a spiritual experience? In short yes, but you have to change the paradigm through which you see the whole set up - i.e. your MERC, your time, your salary and your dealers.... Let me explain :bannana:No need to do get into Yoga, go backpacking round India or listen...
  19. 420SE

    [sarcasm] The joys of owning a MB [/sarcasm]

    My 420 has an electric blind which is operated by a button just near the gear knob. I pressed it today, for the first time in like 6 months, only to find it simply buzzing but the blind not going up.... ...has anybody had this before? Has the blind simply fallen off the mechanism and needs...
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