1. H

    Looking for SLK55/CLK55 Brake package 6pot/4pot

    As title says I m looking for a SLK55/CLK55 Brake package 6pot fronts and 4pot rear's. Does anyone have a set they would be willing to sell?? Many thanks Craig
  2. D

    E350 cdi dynamic handling package

    How can i tell if the above package is fitted to cars I'm looking to buy? Thanks
  3. B

    Adding night package

    Good morning all, I was wondering if anyone has any idea on cost or the ease of adding the night package to my car. It's a 2016 e350 in black and think it would set the car off better. Any thoughts or experiences with that? I'm open to ridicule or suggestions. Sent from my iPhone using...
  4. J

    Is the Dynamic plus package worth it?

    Hi Guys, I am close to putting an order in for a CLA45 Shooting Brake and one option I am unsure of is the Dynamic Plus package. I am going for the ride control sports suspension anyway so this would mean about an extra £1400 for the diff lock and performance steering wheel. I am not...
  5. T

    C Class Estate Night Package Restriction

    Tried searching a couple of MB forums for an answer but can't seem to find anything so wondered if anyone here could help. I ordered a c class estate 29/04/17 with the night package and was given a build date for July. Email this week from the dealer said my car can't be ordered yet as their...
  6. Teshie

    C63 lighting package

    I've just purchased a 2014 W204 C63 saloon and on the spec sheet it lists 876 Interior lighting package I've searched google and can't find any information describing what this entails Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance
  7. secondmerc

    Driver package query

    My C63 Coupe S (on a 2yr business lease) should be arriving in about 3 weeks or so. I've got a couple of questions about the AMG drivers package though. Firstly, that I've understood correctly, I get time on the track at a circuit, in another (not mine) C63? Also, if so, that I could...
  8. M

    2017 Mercedes C63s Coupe BRABUS 650 Package - Video

    2017 Mercedes C63s Coupe BRABUS 650 Package [YOUTUBE HD]vI6_G0mnFBs[/YOUTUBE HD]
  9. fchana786

    Mercedes C220 W205 AMG Line Premium Package Plus

    Hello people! Had my Mercedes just over 2 years now and need to sell it due to moving abroad. Car has done 17000 miles and was first registered in November 2014. The car has just had its B service completed last week and had 4 new continental tyres fitted. Spec includes: White...
  10. ea666

    W215 2006 CL500 with AMG Package

    06/2006 CL500. Cherished example, needs a good home. Maintained regardless of costs. ABC Valve blocks, accumulators etc replaced by forum member see link below.
  11. F

    CLS63 W219 performance package or not?

    basically need to find out if mine has this, bigger rotors than standard apparently? Going to change them soon as they're a bit worn. thanks
  12. N

    Advice buying a 2012 E Coupe with Driving Assistance Package

    Hello, After years of aspiring to own a Mercedes E Coupe, I'm finally looking to make the plunge and have found a 2012 model that includes the driver assistance package: Distronic Plus, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Tracking. Now here's the Q: Does the Distronic Plus on 2012 models automatically...
  13. Scooby_Doo

    Dynamic Handling Package - E Coupe

    Has anybody got this feature and how effective is it ?? My C207 has 19" alloys and on some roads it would be nice to soften the suspension somewhat. Although MB have added 19" alloys to all C207's they still list the DHP as an extra @ £550. I've just found the only C207 (E400 excluded) I've...
  14. N

    SL55 AMG Performance Package

    Hi folks, To add to our 88 R107 we are about to buy a very nice 2006 low mileage SL55 AMG that the seller states has the (F1) Performance Package. I did read a thread around the forum on identifying wether an SL55 does or does not have the (F1) AMG Performance Package and I think it was a...
  15. Stig2082

    CLS 63 AMG - rare Performance Package 2008 spec

    Very rare CLS 63 AMG 2008 facelift with Performance Package. Only a handful of W219 CLS's were registered after the facelift (LED rear lights, LED wing mirrors and upgraded Command), and this maybe the only one (have never seen another one) with the performance package which includes limited...
  16. T

    Driving Assistant Package Installed?

    Hi all, I am writing this on behalf of my father as the interweb is a tad beyond him. I am trying to help him out, I am in CA USA and he lives in Shropshire UK. He has a 2015 C class Estate which he think should have the DAP or Lane assist etc installed as he has 2 cameras either side of the...
  17. D

    AMG Drivers Package

    Hi - on my last 507 the car came with the AMG drivers package as standard and with that I was supplied with a code and voucher from my dealer that I then used to book the AMG Power and Passion event at Spa. Now MB UK has its own Drivers Academy setup so I assume there will be a Silverstone...
  18. GSEH88

    C63 Driving Assistance Package

    As the spec of my new C63S Estate is soon to be frozen I am still trying to decide whether to include the Driving Assistance Package. I normally steer clear of this level of electronic nannying but really appreciate the intelligent cruise control on my Audi in the London traffic jams. My...
  19. T

    C Class amg night package UK

    Hello - just orderng my C class estate amg line. Has anyone heard of the night package trim and if this avaialbel / going to be available in the uk? going for the premium plus package - do people think its worth it? any other tps on options worth adding? thanks
  20. H

    Thoughts on Driving Assistance Package. Distronic etc

    Hi, Ordered a new E Class. Got pretty much everything with exception to the Driving Assistance Package. This contains: Distronic Plus with Pre-Safe® Brake Active Blind Spot Assist Lane-Keeping Assist PRE-SAFE® PLUS DISTRONIC PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist (DTR+Q) Enhanced Brake Assist...
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