1. BillyW124

    W211 black AMG velour floor mats NEW in packet

    These are un opened still in packaging. Maybe fits CLS models too?? £400 collected. 07984802056
  2. N

    Wheels for a non AMG packet CLK W209

    Well I've the 17'' avantgarde wheels (on an avantgarde restyled clk). I want to buy some 18'' wheels, but I don't like the OEM mercedes 18'' options (multispoke, 5 double spokes...) and I don't want to install AMG wheels without the AMG bodykit. So, any idea?
  3. W

    Wanted - packet of silicon beads

    Wanted - packet of silicon beads, the small packets that you get free with electrical goods to absorb moisture. I've a headlight that mists up because of moisture and I've heard placing a small packet of silicon beads inside can help. The seals look OK, so this seems a cheaper fix than a new...
  4. Tan

    Packet sniffers

    Hi I have just started a new job and the router at work is showing a lot of activity and the internet has slowed to a snails pace. I want to minitor the traffic travelling across the router to see if anything rouge is causing the excess activity. I have been recommended to try ethereal and...
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