1. S

    Need to bite the bullet - Coil packs etc, where to source

    2003 W215 TT Hi, Well, seems the time has arrived and I need to bite the bullet and change the coil packs. If I order them over here in SW France, the eyes of the Merc receptionist just light up, so I'm looking for an alternative source. Anyone ordered them from the USA, Germany or UK...
  2. MOR8A

    M113 coil packs

    Thought I would mention I have 8 M113 coil packs for sale (from an E55K) not researched price/values as yet. Will find out current new prices. Pm me if interested.
  3. 7om

    55k amg engine (m113k) coil packs

    Hi, I bought these from Euro Car Parts when testing for a misfire. It turned out to be a leak between the supercharger and the heads. Mercedes-Benz | Euro Car Parts UK?s No.1 Car Parts Retailer They are brand new apart from being fitted to the car for three days. I had planned to take...
  4. S

    Dreaded V12TT Coil Packs - where to souce?

    Hi everyone, 2003 CL600 W215 50K miles Well, will have to put any thought of new wheels and sorting out the aircon to one side as it looks like I may have to replace one or both of the coil packs. My hand-held code reader shows multiple misfires (not sure if one or both banks)...
  5. Andrew W

    Coil packs and intake E55k

    Had a few hours spare today so I thought I would Check for any leeks ect , removed all the coil packs and intake and gave everything a good clean , inspected for any splits and all perfect , Plug change doesn't look to bad now ;)
  6. H

    V12 Coil Packs

    I suspect I have faulty Coil Pack on my CL600. am getting the codes P0300 P0310 P0311 and P312. I have been going throught the forum for advice on best prices and possible repairs and havent really got anywhere.. I have found in USA new packs for decent price but would prefer to buy them in...
  7. mattyboy cl600

    coil packs for cl 600 v12 200 plate

    Hi Can or does anyone know where I can get coil packs for my cl600 cheaper than main dealer prices any info will be much appreciated Matt
  8. almoamg

    C63 Recall - Coil Packs

    Not sure what age of C63's this affects but mine is in for it's first service today (2012 model) and there is a recall to change all 8 coil packs. Can't say I have noticed any rough running or startups.
  9. npuk

    Dymo Label printer and 6 packs of labels for under £20!

    Buy the Dymo Labelwriter 450 and 6 packs of labelwriter labels on the same order between 1st October 2011 and 31st December 2011, and you can claim £100 cashback from Dymo. If this sounds like a really crazy deal, that's because it is - do the maths! You could walk away with a labelwriter and...
  10. AANDYY

    JTF sale - cheap Havoline oil & AG packs

    Don'y know if it's + VAT. Page 7
  11. M

    Coil Packs

    Ok folks the saga continues Had my 60k service done 2 weeks ago on my W163 since then it has ran really lumpy...took it back to see what STAR said Garage stated it had thrown up a MAF fault.....NEW MAF fitted and ran worse Took it today to a great Garage in Cannock on way back from...
  12. A

    Vehicle Protection Packs For Sale

    Hi ive got a couple of packs of professional vehicle protection for sale still in the boxes,This is the stuff that is put on at PDI Contents- 1 Fabric & Carpet Protector 2 Surface Prep-First Stage 3 Paint Sealant-Final Stage 4 Leather...
  13. I

    Service life of coil packs / HT leads?

    Just wondering how long, on average, coil packs and HT leads last? Any idea how much a non-OEM set of leads costs for the V8? Cheers, Ian.
  14. Satch

    Home information packs

    From another thread: and today: Home energy ratings to be compulsory LONDON (Reuters) - Energy ratings similar to those produced for refrigerators and washing machines will have to be produced for every home bought and sold in England and Wales, the government announced on Wednesday...
  15. S

    Coil packs

    Hi I've just bought a 95' C280 sport about 3 weeks ago and it has blown 2 coil packs in this time. The previous owner had the same problem but not in such a short space of time. Would anyone have any idea on what could be causing this?? Cheers
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