1. B

    W204 paddle shifting from d to d1 everytime

    Hi all, Apologies if im posting in wrong area as this is my first time posting. Have a w204 c class 250 cdi sport 2009. Everything to my knowledge is fine. Had car on general diagnostic computer (snap-on but I know its not as good as STAR) a few times never with any issue but any time i ever...
  2. Cymruambyth

    Paddle shapes.

    Just wondering, are my paddles (late 2007) different to 2008 - 2013 ones? I`ve seen some extentions but the bottom edge looks more or less horizontal but my shifters look like they have a slight downwards angle!!
  3. Cymruambyth

    Paddle extensions?

    Just wondering...has anyone ever fitted paddle extensions? I noticed on my test drive that they`re rather short and wondered if there would be any real benefit...thanks.
  4. P

    Paddle Shift

    I am currently searching for my next SLK 200/280, 2008 to 2010 model. I've seen some 2010's with paddle shift and a great low mileage 200, 2008 without paddle shift, I really like the idea of having paddle shift and wondered: could this be added by a garage ? or would this be too difficult to...
  5. A

    Paddle extentions

    Hi all I have seen some paddle shift extentions on flea bay Has anybody fitted any and are they any good. These look like it's only 3 grub screws that fix them in place. I'm tempted to order the red ones go with the red bit in my A250 I'd post a link but it's not letting me for some...
  6. Suky Sangha

    CLS 55 AMG steering wheel paddle shifters

    Got the paddles installed from Gordon/Andy today. Great product and service. :)
  7. R

    W203 paddle shifters

    I have searched and cannot find the info i want. Will any mercedes paddle shifters work with the w203? For example R230 or W204 ones?
  8. Brian 1

    Going to paddle

    I must find a nice quiet road and give my paddles a try, never used them ever, always had automatic, would the paddles be better to use in snow? than automatic?...:crazy:
  9. N

    E55 paddle shifts

    Quick question guys, I have just taken my steering wheel off my E55 and sent it to Royal Steering wheels to be re trimmed, Before I fit it again I would like to change the shift buttons to paddles. Is there somebody that sells them that are a direct replacement.
  10. Aletank

    Flappy Paddle Gears - Who Uses Them ? (poll)

    I've spoke to a few Mercedes owners who when telling me about the features their car has, tell me in a rather excited voice/face - It's got Flappy Paddle Gears ! I then say have you ever used them or do you use them ? Their replay has always been - oh no :confused: To be honest it's not...
  11. Herishi

    Paddle Shift operation

    I will be going to check out a 2006 e320 sport in the very near future, the car in question has the paddle shift option fitted and while im not sure I will use it I want to make sure it works correctly when I test drive the car. Do you have to press a button or engage a mode so that it will...
  12. kalvin928

    cls (w209) e63 (w211) large paddle shift steering wheel

    was going to fit to car but other plans now. Complete wheel with airbag. excellent order; no wear. was from cls 63 but gather its the same as e63.... but I might be wrong!! looking around £450 collected
  13. mikeyodowd

    W211 paddle shift retrofit

    Hi I'm driving a 2005 e200 sport with button shift on the steering. Iv read conflicting views that this can and can't be done. Has anyone actually done this upgrade and is it a straight swap from the electrics point of view? I know size it an issue but it's the electric side of things I'm...
  14. blondee

    Paddle Shifters... Thoughts?

    So my new CLC has paddle shifters... I've used them once and thought 'What the hell?' Then 'What is the point!' Can anyone change my mind on this because I love driving a manual sometimes just to thrash it about a bit but I don't get that with this so I'm just leaving it in auto and thinking...
  15. TegTypeR

    W639 conversion to paddle shift?

    I've just been offered a steering wheel from a W164 ML which I believe will fit my W639 Vito. The reason for the change, aside from the fact it would be asthetically better, are the paddle shifts for the auto gearbox. The question I have; can I retro fit the paddle shifts to the auto box on...
  16. L

    paddle shift wheel retro fit clk320???

    I know some people have done this mod, retro fit for the paddle shift. Can anyone tell me if it will be a straight swap or are there additionals needed?? Thanks guys
  17. G

    E280 Sport paddle shifters.

    I have a late 2006 E280 Sport with the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. I rarely use them but when I did the other day, the down shift wasn't working correctly. On further inspection I noticed that the unit was not located correctly in the wheel and would probably come off if I...
  18. karozza

    R230 SL55 AMG Paddle shifters

    I'm curious if there are any aftermarket paddles that can be attached to the steering speed shifter buttons to make them work as paddle shifters??
  19. S

    5 Spd Paddle Shift

    Hi, just recently gone from a 7 speed box with paddle shift to a 5 speed. I'm pretty sure I could use the buttons on the steering wheel to shift in ANY gearbox mode on the 7 speed. With the 5 speed in my CLK it seems I can only do this in Manual mode! In Sport or Comfort they do nothing...
  20. D

    c32 with lsd and paddle shift

    Anyone on here got one?
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