1. E

    '04 E55K - Pagid brakes?

    My '04 E55K estate needs front discs and pads, and ECP have a very attractive offer on Pagid items at the moment - £190-ish all-in; MB want £400. Does anyone have any thoughts or recent experiences, for or against, of this kit?
  2. Del80y

    Brakes O.E or Pagid?

    Whats your views on front pads and discs replacement ?? C220 S204 vented drilled I can get discs/pads and sensor O.E from Mercedes Edinburgh for £157.20 ECP all Pagid £152.97 And carparts4less all Pagid...
  3. F

    Original W210 E55 AMG brake pads?

    Hi there! I need some new brakes after recently setting fire to what was left of mine lapping the Nordschleife :rock: I've got a pair of original front discs for a nice price off eBay (and may well find some rears too and just change the lot at the same time) but I don't know what pads I'm...
  4. reflexboy

    Pagid brakes any good

    Morning all The pads on my R230 SL need changing all round. They are the originals and the car has done 33K miles. Euro Car Parts have a great sale on at the moment and I can get Pagid pads all round and matching Pagid front discs for £141 all in.(normally just under £200) Although the discs...
  5. Roy W

    Pagid sports pack discs

    Pagid Mercedes-Benz | Euro Car Parts UK?s No.1 Car Parts Retailer fitted a couple of these plus pads only 5k ago and one of them is warped (vibration under braking in steering) Wonder if they are side specific, ie can you fit them Off and Near side?? Disappointed they`ve only lasted this long :(
  6. L

    Pagid brake shoes, a cautionary tale!

    Picked up some new Pagid shoes for my S203 as the original (Galfer) ones were crumbling. They were fitted with new adjusters and cable knuckles but when I went to fit the disc both sides would not go over the shoes despite the adjusters being in their smallest position. Once removed I checked...
  7. 1945wickedred

    New Pagid brake discs.

    Hi all just ordered new front brake discs for my SL350 from Europarts,got the 25% discount online and got them for £122.They look good and are the drilled type 312mm.Looking forward to getting them,free delivery as well.:bannana:
  8. E

    Pagid vs Mixtex - Whats Batter?

    Hi all We have lots of members who, when looking at brakes compare our Pagid/Textar/Epad range to the Mixtex versions which are available on eBay and various other sellers. While its true that the same company owns, and produces these - there are HUGE differences in the actual products...
  9. Carrsey

    Pagid Disc..

    Just been looking on EuroCarParts for brakes for the CLK. They recommend Pagid discs. Anyone ever used these and what are you thoughts, they do a plain disc and a drilled one.. Just want to make sure it stops..
  10. E

    Pagid Braking Offer - 30% off + New 25 month warranty!

    Hi Guys, You are going to love this offer :D - Buy Pagid Discs and Pads together and get 30% off PLUS an unbeatable 25 month / 25,000 miles warranty (whichever comes first)..simply use promo code PAGID30 For full details of this new warranty offer please visit - Pagid
  11. E

    35% off Pagid & Eicher Brakes | 30% Off All Engine Oils

    Hi All, For 1 week only we have gone CRAZY - and are offering 35% off ALL Pagid & Eicher Brake Pads, Discs, Shoes, Drum - USE CODE EPDP35 30% Off All Engine Oils - USE CODE OILSPILL30 (and it will discount your Oil Filter to £0.00 if you buy a 5ltr Triple QX
  12. E

    Front Pagid discs for a W203 C220 cdi, Sport pack

    Hi mate, The part details are below: Pagid Brake Disc (front) x 2 Part no.: 104221098 Web price: £49.14 each Forum price: £36.85 Pagid - Euro Car Parts UK HTH! Kunal
  13. DSM10000

    Pagid discs and [ads, any opinions?

    The front discs on my W203 320 are very worn and although the pads are in good order I will replace both. The rear pads are worn as well although the disc is OK with hardly any scoring or wear. Looking on Eurocarparts today there is a 30% discount on brake parts (not including wear sensors...
  14. mbzclk

    Brake Pads: Pagid vs ATE vs Jurid

    Hi Need new front pads on my CLK I think, Do I buy Pagid or ATE or Jurid, price diff is a few quid between all 3. So not fussed just want to hear peoples opinions on them and what one to get and why... They also sell Textar and Eicher but have been told both are rubbish Shall I...
  15. grober

    Pagid brake Parts online catalogue

    The pagid BRAKE PARTS online catalogue can be found at at its in german but do the following on the catalogue link on list on left---katalogue---online katalogue 2.use the FAHRZEUG drop down menu bottom right of page-select...
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