1. M

    New Member Paging MJK 24

    Trying to contact the above member about the car he is selling but proving more difficult than I thought. Can someone please pm him to get his attention. Cheers
  2. st13phil

    Paging Dash...

    Can anyone assist me in contacting Dash, please? I need a Siemens tumble drier spare! TIA!
  3. Flyer

    Paging Ian Walker ...

    Ian, Hope you don't mind me asking you here ... I've sent my daughter in Australia a parcel for Christmas via Parcelforce "International Standard". I took it to the Post Office on 6 December. The Postmistress (what a great job title ;) ) advised that it should take about 5 days to get...
  4. Flyer

    Paging iced-put, paging iced-out ...

    *PLEASE* contact me as soon as possible - you've got two spaces reserved for the Skid Pan GTG - but I've not heard from you since 14 Jan. I need to know ASAP whether you still want the two places; if you don't I obviously need to find two more drivers ... Cheers Andrew
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