1. poormansporsche

    Bit of Rain, Pah !

    My quality spray booth, got some looks :) :doh:
  2. S

    80mph speed limits, Pah

    I was going through old pics of a holiday Was in Germany How good would this be to have 100 being in MPH obviously. Discuss the merits of a 100mph motorway speed limit, if we all kept a safe distance 100mph I feel work work fine.
  3. verytalldave

    Olympics ! ! Pah ! !

    Am I the only soul walking the face of the earth who couldn't give a flying fig as far as the Olympics are concerned?:confused: To me its just an expensive overhyped waste of time. I cant wait for August 28th.:eek: And 2012 we be 10 times worse.:mad:
  4. LeighW

    Speed cameras? Pah, no worries...

    ...if you have one of THESE !! :D ;)
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