1. M

    Co-Create the future of EVs - paid research study

    Co-Create the future of electric cars! We are searching for creative people to join us in our innovation workshop in London on 3rd of December and our online community from 7th to 13th December. I would like to invite you to participate in our research project that we are doing together with...
  2. E

    Have Red Bull Racing paid anything for this year's engines yet?

    Large yellow French registered artic parked in layby opposite the Tilbrook factory yesterday for more than 4 hours. Renault Formula 1 decals on the lorry. Wonder if there is some "friction" still? Maybe waiting to collect last years old unwanted engines?

    E320TE - Deposit paid - thoughts?

    Hello all - i put down a deposit on this lovely machine today. A growing baby finally made sell my beloved SWB G Wagon (just didn't work out with a baby seat!) and I was hankering after a nice 124 estate having owned a few coupes before. I mulled over a few euro-boxes such as Golf GTi, Mini...
  4. C180CGI

    4 hours work finally paid off

    Spent 4 hours yesterday washing the car, lots of dirt and grime everywhere, never been cleaned before and now looks like a different car!
  5. H

    Deposit paid, spec changed. Can i get money back?

    Hi, I paid a deposit on a car with a bunch of options. Car not yet ordered, but have been told that multi-contoured seat is no longer available. I'm after dealer adding Drivers Assistance Pack, but they will not longer apply same discount they applied on overall package. Another dealer will...
  6. John Jones Jr

    I've always liked getting paid in cash but...

    A little tale worth flagging up. One of the lads that does some subby work for me sold his rather nice car on Sunday, for top dollar, every easy sale with only three viewings all within 24hrs. He gave the buyer an option of paying in cash or bankers draft (as it was fair bit of money)...
  7. Silver CL55

    Done it! Deposit paid on this W216 CL500

    Tanzanite blue, savanah (I think) leather. 20" AMG's with AMG bodykit Used Mercedes-benz Cl Coupe Cl 500 2dr Auto in Heswall, Wirral | J Stuart & Co - Garages - Ltd
  8. C

    First Post - Deposit Paid on first MB

    Very excited. C200 CDI Executive BE. 6.5k miles on 2010/60 plate. Diesel Auto Any tips?

    **g wagon - deposit paid - what do you all think please?!**

    G Wagon has long been on my wish list and whilst a new G55/G63 would be lovely I simply can't justify the spend! Hence I wanted something that little bit cheaper. I was gutted when I missed out on the silver 'F11 AMG' that I believe went to a member here earlier this year so made the trip to see...
  10. Daveneil

    What should i have paid for c220 2002 Estate

    Hi everybody i cant help thinking i have overpaid for my c220 2002 merc estate with 120000 on the clock . it has two warning lights on but nothing wrong , sensors im told . coolant and windscreen washers . its in nice condition just a couple of bubbles round the number plate . i pxed a astra...
  11. R

    Some days it just doesnt feel like a job, and cant believe i'm get paid to do it...

    Here's some picks of the former... Taking a nice little ship up to Ipswich lat evening... Heavy rain showers that stopped abruptly to show us this sight of the river. Enjoy!
  12. Palfrem

    Deposit paid on SLK at MB then it's sold to someone else

    This is a development on this thread - just wanted to give it a wider airing and pick your brains. Her Ladyship (on phone to MB salesman yesterday) puts a deposit down, sight unseen, on a tidy...
  13. Gucci

    What will I get paid for holiday after resignation?

    I resigned from my company a few weeks ago and now, they have decided to put me on gardening leave for 1 month. This ends my employment formally on 6th August. In fact, my notice period extended a week further than this, so I guess I need to pursue that outstanding week. Also, I have 15.5...
  14. DSLiverpool

    Selling (and getting paid for) An Expensive Car

    Not as easy as I thought .... Advertised in pistonheads, then ebay then classic car then Autotrader When the Trader mag came out I got a lot of interest and 2 strong potential buyers. Buyer A wanted to chop in a S2000 Honda which I was quite keen on but spoilt his chances by offering £37500 and...
  15. Bishy

    Paid £1.12.9 per litre for Shell V-power tonight!

    :eek: great huh?! NOT :mad:
  16. Stuart K

    Paid a deposit... and now they are not answering my calls

    Hi Not sure where I stand here. I've ordered some shutters/blinds for my house. I've paid a £500 deposit and then pay the remaining 50% when they have been installed. There is about a 6 week lead time which is due next week. I thought I'd phone the shop up (its a local small store) and...
  17. Spinal

    £1,300 fine paid in pennies refused

    It gets better... Wheel clamper gets brought to court, and loses the case... he gets fined £1,300 and tried to pay in pennis... a shopping basket full! The payment gets rejected!
  18. AbbieCadabra

    Anyone? do you run a Limited Company & get paid gross on the CIS scheme?

    i just wondered if anyone else has any knowledge of this? we're a small joinery company with 5 employees in total, including me & husband as company directors. i do all the day to day paperwork & everything goes to our accountants once a year for the returns etc. to my horror, i got a...
  19. W

    Most you've paid to fill up?

    Just wondering what the most anyone on here has paid to fill up? Had to fill up one of the work vehicles today, £111.11 (I stopped it, might have squeezed another couple of quid in!) :o That was 120.9p a litre, diesel. In fact, I think that's the most I have ever seen fuel being sold for...
  20. M

    New SL buyer just paid deposit

    Hi All, Just put a deposit on this SL500, collecting it this Saturday...
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