1. Sonny Burnett

    patten wings on and painted. W208 55AMG

    Hey guys, Finally have my euro car part wings on, surprisingly good fit. Had a lot of drama with this car, nothing to do with drivability, but the corrosion was the worst i have seen - Think old sprinter. any way underneath its like brand new. fitment of the new wings is not 100%...
  2. B

    Diamond Cut or Painted Finish advise

    Hi all I have a CLS350 with Diamond cut AMG 18" alloys, which were refurbished about 18 months ago. After about 9 months the first signs of milkiness appeared again around one of the hubs and now all four have gone again despite me following a strict cleaning, drying and polishing routine. I...
  3. RyanMuller

    More garage progress (painted floor!)

    So the merc now has a clean floor. Now it's raining for the rest of the week and the merc will probably be a pile of rust by Friday :D Not the best week to pick, but who gets free time nowadays...
  4. H

    painted callipers and wheels refurbished

    I posted these over on the AMG Lounge section but thought they would be relevant here may give people some inspiration when having their wheels done or callipers painted. if anything, it might rule out what not to have as the colour on the callipers is proving a bit marmite. The...
  5. RyanMuller

    Painted or Powder Coated Wheels

    What are everyone's thoughts. Is powder coating worth the extra money? Heard it chips more easily, is it true?
  6. Pathewolf

    Just painted my E55 W210 brake calipers

    Had my local body shop re-paint my calipers, wasn't sure if would make much difference as the wheels pretty much cover them! But after picking them up today I am pretty pleased with the results despite the costs! Will probably refurbish the wheels next, luckily only one of them has any kerb...
  7. merc85

    s211 Bumper painted

    Following on from my Mb project, i've just got my front bumper back from a good friend of mine in Basildon. He done a awesome job as always and by god the car looks good. The bumper was badly stone chiped and had a bad spray before i got it and it had been buggin me since i got the car lol
  8. shaze30

    My w202 C43 just painted

    After ages i got time to paint my c43 Whilst stripping the car down found rust on all 4 doors on edges where rubber seal sits Both front wings were rusty Bootlid was far gone too So i then found a complete w202 which i purchased for all the panels as they were mint and rust free
  9. optimusprime

    information pre painted wings

    Hi As i am looking for wings i came across the ebay posting for pre painted wings for mercedes w124. Can anyone remember having one and iff so were they and good.? Thank you ..
  10. tron

    W202 front wing - painted!

    A little aggressive scraping at the bibbles on the wing showed the front edge to be a colander so I shoved a load of plod in to cover the holes up. Time to buy a new one. Looking around the bay, I came across a company called Car Parts Express who would supply a new wing painted to my colour...
  11. SilverSaloon

    facelift (ie painted) W124 estate rear bumper needed

    hi i need a facelift (ie full painted) W124 estate rear bumper in non-cracked condition.... only want it for the insert so damage elsewhere is fine, aslong as the insert is good thanks! derek
  12. RKC-benz

    Restoring black painted satin roof bars

    Any advice on a good single product to restore the finish on my black satin painted roof bars? They are on a W124 estate ... Have posted elsewhere but with limited response.
  13. MickyP64

    Plastic bumpers – painted?

    Sorry if this seems a dumb question but I’ve never owned a car with colour coded plastic bits before… I’m sure someone here can tell me if the plastic body parts are sprayed the same as the rest of the car paintwork or manufactured as colour coded…I’ll probably want to replace my rear bumper...
  14. Mrhanky

    W211 Carbon / Painted rear boot spoiler

    Hello peeps Need some help please. My W211 E55 has a rubber kind of spoiler on the boot. My wife thinks it looks okay but to me it look like a bit of draft excluded stuck on the boot. So Im planning on getting a better one, but unsure what to get and whether to go the carbon route. Also Ive...
  15. C

    R230 SL rear undertray - painted obsidian black

    Rear undertray off my SL55 - painted obsidian black (so when you look at the back of the car you don't have a grey weathered undertray peering back at you from underneath the nicely polished bumper). £30 plus delivery or buyer can collect from Lancashire. Pics are here:
  16. S

    Painted my Callipers

    Hi All, This is my first post of the forum so be nice! I have just got myself a 2010 E class coupe with some very rusty brakes and hubs, so i decided to paint them. I could not make my mind up between red or silver so did both in the end! I have decided I prefer the silver and will be painted...
  17. ioweddie

    Anyone used peanut butter to clean non painted trim?

    :dk: The non painted bit on lower rear bumper (62 reg sport plus) has gone blotchey, tried wd40 which worked for about an hour then it went blotchy again, someone suggested using peanut butter presumably smooth, this cant be true can it? Eddie :crazy:
  18. N

    W202 Wing mirrors painted in Midnight Blue Brand New

    These mirrors contain the indicators as well they are brand new I never got to put them on my car, there a nice little upgrade for your c class!
  19. D

    Mercedes CLS Mud Flaps Painted for AMG models

    just come across something quite interesting and grabbed my set from these guys. They are offerering painted (colour matched) mud flaps for the W219 CLS Can't get them from MB dealers as much as i've been searching and ringing Mercedes CLS Mud flaps | Mercedes CLS AMG Mudflaps Mats Have...
  20. Pitts Pilot

    I've painted my calipers!

    After quizzing the forum a few weeks back, and receiving a considerable amount of helpful advice, I’ve finished painting the callipers on my SL. Colour choice was the big problem, but after resisting red, I went for black rather than silver, in particular metallic matt with white MB decals. I’m...
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