1. G

    Mobile Sray painter needed plz!

    I want to have the wing mirrors and chrome surrounds around the DLRs sprayed black - its for a in the birmingham area so if you know anyone please let me know
  2. ringway

    Speed Painter?

  3. RattlerRattler

    Looking for a quality painter in Surrey area...

    Having had the SL detailed, it's now really showing up any minor paintwork blemish, stone chips etc.... even more, so I'm thinking of getting all the stone chips and scratches repainted, can anyone recommend a quality painter in the Surrey area? It maybe that it can't be easily retouched and...
  4. Leelee81

    Hello! New Vito 115 owner, bespoke painter.

    Hi, I'm a new member to the forum and thought I'd introduce myself before joining in! My name is Lee, I live near Heathrow, working in Camberley as a bespoke automotive painter. I've been in the industry for about 15 years and was lucky enough to start out in prestige cars such as Porsche...
  5. martyz

    A question for a painter

    having just sprayed(rattle can) the bottom of a rear door after some rust removal,I have got orange peel,how can I reduce this prior to clear coat? I have heard you can knock it back with 1200 paper,but this will leave a matt finish,will the clear coat bring back the shine,or have I got to...
  6. haggis2768


    can anyone recommend a spray painter in NorthNorthumberland??:dk:
  7. C

    body painter

    anyone know a good body painter in the hull area thanks
  8. A

    Painter in Teesside

    Hi Just thought I would share some info. I had some paint stripper poured over my bonnet and roof a while ago. I was put onto a guy who did it in his spare time at work and to be honest can't complain with the results. He charged less than £400. Anyone who wants his number I can pass it on...
  9. mercedescl500

    Help needed, Recomend a Painter in West London

    Hi can anyone here recomend a paintshop in West London that is good with aluminium ? I have some corrective work that needs to be done (bottom of wheel arches), but need a decent painter who works on aluminium. Can anyone recomend a local ? Thanks.
  10. D

    Painter given £30 fine for smoking 'at work' his own van
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