1. markjay

    Painting over Gorilla Grab Adhesive?

    I used this...: (Gorilla Grab Adhesive) piece together a few broken concrete slabs in our back garden. This worked well, however the silicon is white and...
  2. G

    Rear Roof Spoiler - painting

    I just got a bargain of an OE rear roof spoiler for my A200, it is primed so needs to be painted. Haven't decided whether to go with main colour (191 Cosmos Black) or carbon fibre, with a view of doing side mirrors and diffuser in carbon later on. If I go for a standard paint job, how much...
  3. SomebodyCalledJ

    Painting Bumpers and Side Skirts

    Does anyone have a rough idea of what is a decent quote for having the bumpers and side skirts of a 2011 (61 facelift) re-sprayed? I am due to have all of my metal bodywork panels re-sprayed under warranty, but not the plastic bumpers, as they're not covered. I am worried about the new paint...
  4. Growy16

    Grille painting

    Update on my C63. Stage 3 Weistec is now fitted and I have the bits back from Wicked Coatings. I am absolutely delighted with these. The grille looks spot on. They also sprayed the rear diffuser black and applied a carbon dip. And the Merc star on the boot is now black. WC are specialist custom...
  5. Venomous

    C204 Diamond Cut Wheels - Painting

    So as much as I love the 18" AMG Alloys, there were not looked after by the previous owner - so there are chunks out around the rim, and "veins" where acid based cleaners have been used on the wheels. It took me over an hour to shift a month of brake dust, and get them looking half decent...
  6. G

    Painting a W124... how much?

    Hi all, I'm the one who was going to take his Euro W124 200E from Spain to UK... Now, three days before leaving, I had a small (stupid) accident and I've got a significant damage to the panel of the rear door that would be better to be fixed. Since there are also other scratches around the car...
  7. Charles Morgan

    Painting steel wheels

    I have a set of 15 inch steel wheels for my W114 coupe which are in need of a paint, superficial rust and all sound. Ideally I'd just send them off for powder coating but I've decided to avoid spending more money than I need to (boy, it's mounting up), and as they will be covered by my wheel...
  8. marty359

    Painting a bumper

    Obviously my parking sensors are not loud enough :rolleyes: I could of got a smart repair but I wanted to have a go at it myself. Its been sanded, filled and primed but not been sanded after the last primer coat. What's the best procedure to finish it off? Sand it now with 1200...
  9. N

    Painting exrerior wood trim - anyone know about paint?

    Been putting it off but it's time to bite the bullet before winter & paint some outside wood trim that's looking shabby. White gloss, faces W. so catches most of the weather, AFA prep goes I'm going to sand it & scrape off the loose, flaky paint. Undercoat or not? Any particular kind or brand...
  10. B

    Painting Genuine Mercedes discs

    I have bought a set of genuine mercedes discs for my sl350, the discs are supplied painted in a grey "protective" coating. I am going to spray paint the discs with VHT paint before I fit them, my question is has anyone else done the same thing, did you remove all of the grey "protective"...
  11. BIG_G_1979

    caliper painting

    Hi guys might be buying my first merc tomorrow e280 cdi sport, I have notice that the front calipers have the mercedes benz wording on them but the caliper itself is quite corroded looking what have u guys used to paint and keep the wording etc any tips? What colour were the calipers from factory?
  12. flango

    Advice on painting a rear arch

    Hi all after a bit of advice Now JSWMBO is installed in her new beetle I need to sell the Punto now this car is mint full history and 62k the only thing that spoils it is a scabby back arch so I'm going to paint it, now I'm no stranger to bodywork but its a while since I've done any and I guess...
  13. D

    Best method of painting?

    I am fixing a rust spot. Going to apply some rust remover, scrap it thoroughly with a wirebrush and then apply some primer The question is whats best way of applying paint once primer is dried? I have seen some spray paint cans in Halfords. Or is there a way of applying it with a brush that...
  14. E

    Painting diamond cut slloys

    A titled, (well almost except from spelling of alloys ) can this be easily done. Not sure if I like the polished metal look of the diamond cut face wheels. I am considering getting a used set of 19 inch 7 spoke amg alloys and having them refurbished in a bright silver metallic finish. Thoughts...!
  15. T

    Painting calipers on c63....your experiences?

    First mod which I feel is a must on my forthcoming c63 is to paint the calipers red I've spoken to a friend who owns a body shop and he I'd happy to do it if I have the calipers removed by a garage, which in my book equates to a big of a headache I've seen a view youtube vids of people...
  16. kalvin928

    chrome painting car

    just saw this on ebay Mercedes Benz SL 500 2003 Chrome Brabus AMG 500SL SL55 | eBay just intrigued to know would this be a wrap or respray? if sprayed... does it need 'additional' care / maintenance... I'm not considering such job on my car but just intrigued and I thought it looked nice!!
  17. karlos280

    W204 wing mirror covers need painting anybody recommend bodyshop in nottingham

    I'm updating the wing mirrors on my w204 to the facelift ones but the ones I've bought are not the right colour so the covers need re-painting,anybody recommend a bodyshop in nottingham who could paint them so they match the car? Thanks
  18. C

    Professional caliper painting

    Anyone know of any companies in the NW of England that do professional caliper painting? I know it is not difficult to do myself, but I want a top quality professsional finish so not taking the DIY route.
  19. arfan786

    painting rubber amg lip spoiler

    hi guys I have just bought a original amg lip spoiler to go with genuine amg skirts and bumpers on my car, the car is in body shop currently. I purchased the amg lip spoiler off chaz from the sec shop in kent its made out of rubber unfortunately i am worried once its been painted to match...
  20. 1945wickedred

    Painting brake calipers.

    Good morning one and all,I am thinking of painting my brake calipers so what colour should I do them,I am thinking red or blue,I have even seen yellow ones on an SL55 AMG.Is Hammerite ok to use,any advice very welcome.:bannana:
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