1. R

    Recommend a paintshop surrey area

    Hi All, Thanks to a silver haired lady who didn't stop to meet I have a minor bumper scuff to deal with, it is right on the corner and whilst I polished most of the damage away I am left with an area missing a small amount of paint but no so small to be able to touch in. Could anyone...
  2. markjay

    Paintshop / Bodyshop in North / West / Central London ?

    The bonnet could do with a respray... Any recommendations please? Thank you.
  3. MWCLS

    Recommend a OCD paintshop?

    Anybody in the london/essex area have any recommendations., I want to get my front bumper, bonnet, blending front wings painted. Not looking for over spray and a car full of filler dust as I'm a bit obbsesive with my cars. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Michael
  4. asinrutee

    Paintshop in Bristol

    Some toe rag keyed my car over the weekend, it's down to the primer so some panels need rubbing down and spraying. Anyone have a bodyshop to recommend in Bristol
  5. I

    Good paintshop in Surrey

    We are going to need to get the boot of our R-Class painted as it has three small rust bubbles that I want to get sorted before they develop into something more serious. We've also picked up an AMG style rear bumper on eBay that's going to need painting and fitting, so best get them done at the...
  6. C

    Recommended paintshop

    (Moderators please delete this if it infringes the rules.) Just collected my W124 in Bornite (dodgy purple) from a paintshop that was previously recommended on here, and which I then used for my silver W208. Got to recommend the quality of work, again. Well worth considering if you are looking...
  7. C

    Paintshop around Derby area any recommendations?

    Hello I am wanting to get my bonnet painted on W203 due to stone chip damage, does anyone have any experiences in Derby area Its Brilliant Silver and i am very very fussy !! Many Thanks
  8. imadoofus

    Car Paintshop?

    Can anyone point me towards a decent paintshop in or near Coventry? Also, an idea on the cost of a full spray on a (prepped) Spridget would be appreciated. TIA PJ
  9. kbhogalW126

    well priced paintshop in sheffield

    does anyone know of a half decent paintshop in sheffield? i need to get "the beast" resprayed. somehwere who can handle semi deep rear wheel arch rust.
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