1. WDB124066

    Sunscreen saves your skin but wrecks your car paintwork

    Imagine if this catches on. I think somebody may need to change a formula or two.
  2. lfckeeper

    What's going on here? (Paintwork repair gone wrong)

    Took the car in a few weeks ago to get a dent repaired .... noticed this yesterday .... anyone know why this has happened? Taking it back to the shop that did it on Monday
  3. Hawkwind

    Paintwork in Brighton

    Can anyone recommend a paint shop in Brighton or the surrounding areas? The lacquer is peeling quite badly on the bonnet.
  4. D

    What is the paintwork warranty on a 2008 SL

    What is the paintwork warranty on a 2008 SL? I ask as Mercedes are refusing to address rust on the back window frame on my wife's 2008 SL500. The car has a full MB service history. My understanding is the bodywork is warranted for 13 years subject to having a full service history although...
  5. S

    Is ABC Fluid harmful to paintwork?

    I just wondered if the Mercedes Pentosin ABC hydraulic oil harms paint like say brake fluid does? Similarly does brake cleaner wreck paintwork?
  6. D

    Odd spots on paintwork

    Seems like some keen car cleaning guys on here so thought I'd make use! Over the past few weeks some odd spots have been appearing on the other half's car (see attached, note this is dirty not clean). They are sporadically over the bonnet, roof and bootlid They started out as a few spots...
  7. Pitts Pilot

    New car, protecting new paintwork?

    I have just got a new car - a VW Tiguan- and I need some advice on how to keep the paintwork in top condition. My SL63 I had detailed and then I'm using Gtechniq V2 nano coating, and this works very well in protecting and helping dirt come off when washing (2 bucket method). However, I...
  8. Palfrem

    Scratches on paintwork - T-Cut or have things moved on?

    The tops of the wings on my G and the bonnet have quite a few scratches that could do with being polished out. I suspect good old T-Cut is passe now, so any recommendations on a good compound to use by hand (I don't have a machine) on black paintwork please? Thanks
  9. ChrisEdu

    211 paintwork feels different on wings

    I know this might sound a bit weird, but I've noticed that the paintwork finish on the wings of my 211 feels different to the rest of the car. It looks them same as the rest of the vehicle, but just doesn't feel as smooth, even when coated in several layers of wax. Might this indicate that...
  10. H

    W204 2013 C Class Coupe Paintwork Defect Help!!

    So my beloved c class coupe in black has started to pigment around the rear boot lid area, roof panel and front bonnet. The car is 2 year old and the paintwork has always been in prestine condition. I have only recently noticed these pigments when washing her on the weekend, tried clay bar...
  11. P

    DIY Paintwork YES or NO NO

    In one of those "how hard can it be moments" I keep thinking I can repair some small blemishes in the paint myself at home. I've investigated how to prep and apply paint on YouTube, some good videos IMO. What's putting me off the idea is that the YouTube advice on repairing a small dent...
  12. E

    Scratched Paintwork. Poor quality

    Today I took my car back the dealer to have the small painted panel replaced on the door. It was scratched from new when I collected it. They did try to polish it out but with no success. The new one is just the same. The service manager wasn't impressed. His own company car (new C class) was...
  13. Imbigboned

    Paintwork recommendatin Berk/Middx

    Morning all Before the winter sets in, I have made the decision to sort out the paint and renew seals to my W201sportline. Does anyone have any recommendations out there in the Berks/Middx areas? I can source new seals, courtesy of my mechanic, just looking for someone of competent quality...
  14. mogster

    Diamond white paintwork match problem

    Does anyone else have a problem with bad colour match between the bumpers (front and back) and the main bodywork. I have taken it back to my main dealer and he says its normal and its because of the plastic of the bumpers and the metal of the wings! I am not happy and will be taking it further...
  15. B

    Paintwork blending

    just had some bodywork done on the lower edge of the front wing along with a stone chip rust blister. The colour is metalic silver. Looking at the finish head on its very good. But if you eye from the back looking down the wing and door you can see a shade difference. Its not bad, but under...
  16. Z

    Clouding in Black Metallic Finish Paintwork

    My question is really aimed at those who are expert in the area or those that have had experience in a similar matter. As a former owner of Silver Metallic C220 CDI Sport, I see the attraction of cars with Metallic type finishes. Am very close to purchasing a low mileage 07 Class C180K...
  17. portal_96

    Poor quality paintwork?

    I was cleaning my Polar White w204 at the weekend and i've noticed for a while now that the finish of the paintwork inside the wheel arches is pretty shocking. Its on the flat surfaces of the bumpers which face into the arch and these vary from some with no paint at all on them, to some...
  18. G

    Scratch repair advice for a paintwork amateur!

    Went to get something out of the boot yesterday and noticed some scratches on my back bumper. Somebody must have bumped the car in a car park as I know exactly what's on the car because I only bought it last month. There were already two small minor scuffs on the driver side door, one by the...
  19. E

    anyone recommend a wax fo calcite white paintwork?

    With the recent good sunny weather it has got me thinking. Can anyone recommend a wax to use for calcite white, how much time it takes for application and cost? Thanks
  20. JM1888

    Paintwork repair

    I returned to my car yesterday to find some delightful *$"*er has given the back it a thump whilst it's been parked up and I now have some lovely gouges in the paintwork. There are a couple of 10p size bare patches just above the exhaust and a couple of 4" long scrapes down the side. The...
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